20+ Best Travel Blogs to Arouse Your Sense of Adventure (2024)

by Tara Malone


These days, it seems like there are as many travel blogs as there are travelers.

Although this means there’s a great travel blog for almost any kind of adventurer, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.

There are blogs devoted to solo female travel, adventure travel, family travel, luxury travel, and how to become a digital nomad, to name a few.

With all these options, how do you uncover the best travel blog for you?

You’ve come to the right place because we’ve created a roundup of some of the best, most popular travel blogs representing many types of travelers.

No matter your preferred style of travel, you’re bound to find some blogs on this list to inspire your future adventures.

Now let’s go explore!

The 21 Top Travel Blogs

1. Jessie on a Journey

travel blogs jessie on a journey homepage

If you’re a woman with a taste for adventure, then Jessie on a Journey is the blog for you!

Jessie is a longtime digital nomad who encourages other women to travel the world and offers travel tips, advice, and online courses about how to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle.

And for those who dream of becoming a professional travel blogger, Jessie has great resources on how to start a blog dedicated to all things travel.

2. Expert Vagabond

travel blogs expert vagabond homepage

Matt Karsten is a veteran travel blogger who’s been living a nomadic life for more than 10 years and inspires others to live a life of adventure through his travel blog, Expert Vagabond.

He’s also an accomplished travel photographer, which means each blog post is chock-full of amazing travel photography.

In addition to first-rate travel advice, Matt also shares excellent tips on how to become a freelance photographer and how to make money blogging.

3. Adventurous Kate

travel blogs adventurous kate homepage

Kate McCulley has been a full-time traveler since 2010, and her blog Adventurous Kate is dedicated to teaching solo female travelers how to explore the world safely.

She shares her travel stories to show other women what it’s like to travel internationally and to clear up myths related to solo female travel.

Kate’s travel blog has been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, and Vogue, and Forbes named her one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers.

4. Oneika the Traveller

travel blogs oneika the traveler homepage

Oneika Raymond has visited 115 countries to date and chronicles her experiences as a solo Black female traveler on her blog, Oneika the Traveller.

In addition to sharing incredible travel stories and advice, Oneika often discusses politics and racial prejudice she’s experienced while traveling.

Above all, Oneika is committed to inspiring women and people of color to explore the world and provides the resources they need to make their dreams of travel a reality.

5. The Blonde Abroad

lifestyle blogs the blonde abroad homepage

Kiki is a California native who left the corporate world six years ago to pursue a life of travel adventure.

Her blog, The Blonde Abroad, is dedicated to empowering women to travel the world solo.

In addition to trip planning resources, Kiki provides practical advice on what to pack, highlights essential travel gear, and offers amazing travel style tips for solo female travelers with a flair for fashion.

6. Wandering Earl

travel blogs wandering earl homepage

Derek Earl, the founder of the adventure travel blog Wandering Earl, is a nomadic backpacker who has been traveling for a living since 1999.

He’s visited countless places off the beaten path and doesn’t shy away from talking about challenges he’s faced and the gritty side of traveling.

His honesty about the travel experience is refreshing, as is his commitment to avoiding tourist traps and his desire to forge genuine connections with locals wherever he goes.

7. View From The Wing

travel blogs view from the wing homepage

Gary Leff is an expert in airline travel and his blog, View From The Wing, tells you everything you need to know about the airline industry.

He mainly focuses on educating his readers about how airline loyalty programs work, keeping them updated on the top travel deals, and showing them how to rack up frequent flyer miles and points that will save them tons of money while traveling.

8. Be My Travel Muse

travel blogs be my travel muse homepage

Kristin is an LA native who left a career in investment banking, bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, and began a new life as a travel blogger.

She started the blog Be My Travel Muse to help solo female travelers embark on their own life-changing journeys.

Kristen offers many accounts of visiting lesser-known locales in her destination guides, with plenty of tips on how to avoid tourist traps and embrace the local culture for a truly one-of-a-kind trip.

9. The Blog Abroad

travel blogs blog abroad home

Growing up, Gloria never knew she had a passion for travel but now has embraced the nomadic lifestyle full time.

She’s visited more than 70 countries on 6 different continents and shares her experiences as a Black solo female traveler on her hugely popular travel blog, The Blog Abroad.

Gloria also coaches aspiring travel bloggers and is an incredible photographer, which makes her blog an incredible visual experience to behold.

10. Roads & Kingdoms

travel blogs roads & kingdoms homepage

Roads & Kingdoms is a bit different from other travel blogs on this list, as it’s more of an independent online travel journal that features award-winning travel stories and photography.

Roads & Kingdoms relies heavily on local journalists with incredible storytelling abilities to give you the inside story of popular and lesser-known destinations.

If you’re looking for some travel inspiration, you’re sure to find it by reading the stories featured on Roads & Kingdoms.

11. Nomadic Matt

travel blogs nomadic matt homepage

Matt Kepnes, founder of the blog Nomadic Matt, is a true travel blogging pioneer.

His travel blog is one of the best sources of budget travel advice and is often featured on major media outlets like National Geographic, Forbes, and The New York Times.

Matt is also a New York Times best-selling author and offers many different programs to help you travel smarter, connect with fellow adventurers, and even start a career in travel.

12. I Am Aileen

travel blogs i am aileen homepage

Born and raised in the Philippines, Aileen left a corporate job when she was 21 to solo travel internationally.

She’s now a successful digital nomad who has been to all 7 continents and runs the popular travel blog, I Am Aileen.

Aileen is committed to teaching others how to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle by sharing her experiences, travel tips, and practical guides on how to earn a full-time living through remote work.

13. BucketListly

travel blogs bucketlistly homepage

Pete, the founder of BucketListly Blog, is a professional filmmaker and photographer who has lived the digital nomad life for over 10 years.

Each blog post focuses on outdoor adventures (backpacking and hiking) and how to pursue a career as a travel photographer and filmmaker.

With posts on everything from choosing the right equipment to improving your technical skills, you’ll find all the information you need about becoming a digital nomad and earning your living from photography and filmmaking.

14. Lost With Purpose

travel blogs lost with purpose homepage

Alex Reynolds is a young American woman solo traveler who backpacks around the world, visiting places where American tourists rarely venture, such as Afghanistan, Iran, or Pakistan.

Alex’s travel blog Lost With Purpose educates travelers on how to safely visit these regions while also keeping an open mind.

Alex encourages Westerners to move beyond their comfort zone, explore destinations they might normally overlook, and gives practical travel tips on how to make the most of your visit.

15. Along Dusty Roads

travel blogs along dusty roads homepage

Andrew and Emily were living in London in 2014 when they decided they were tired of putting their dreams on hold.

Twelve months later, they quit their jobs to travel across Latin America.

They started the blog Along Dusty Roads to share their experiences and to encourage people to make the most of their travels.

Their blog features thoughtful posts about how to be a responsible traveler, and the posts are accompanied by incredible travel photography.

16. Against The Compass

travel blogs against the compass homepage

As its name suggests, Against the Compass is a blog that’s geared toward showing adventurers how to travel off the beaten path.

The founder, Joan Torres, describes it as an alternative travel blog that profiles countries few Westerners visit, such as Sudan, Iraq, and Kazakhstan.

Joan encourages travelers to challenge their preconceived notions and get out of their comfort zone, as well as showing them how to safely visit these less-traveled regions.

17. Dan Flying Solo

travel blogs dan flying solo homepage

Dan is a British travel blogger and photographer who frequently collaborates with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet.

In his blog, Dan Flying Solo, he shares his travel stories in rich detail and highlights unique or lesser-known hidden gems.

He also includes tons of amazing photography to bring his experiences to life and inspire a sense of adventure in his readers.

18. Hand Luggage Only

travel blogs hand luggage only homepage

If you’re a travel enthusiast and foodie who loves to sample different cuisines, Hand Luggage Only is the blog for you!

This travel and photography blog is the brainchild of Yaya and Lloyd, who love to explore the world and also love to experience the local cuisine of each travel destination they visit.

Their blog includes amazing photo diaries and plenty of mouthwatering pictures of delicious dishes from all over the world.

19. The Planet D

travel blogs the planet d homepage

Unlike many other bloggers on this list, Dave and Deb discovered their passion for travel later in life.

Now they’ve been to all 7 continents, visited over 105 countries, and also run the adventure travel blog The Planet D, which gets over 2.8 million visits each month.

Dave and Deb want people to know that it’s never too late to see the world and encourage aspiring travelers of all ages to follow their dreams.

20. The Poor Traveler

travel blogs the poor traveler homepage

Vins and Yosh, who run The Poor Traveler, admit to having made lots of mistakes and poor decisions when they started traveling.

They started their blog to help fellow travelers avoid the costly mistakes they made and to find the most value for their money.

Although the blog focuses mainly on budget travel, Vins and Yosh describe themselves as casual travelers and not backpackers, which likely makes them more relatable to the ordinary traveler.

21. Travel Freak

travel blogs travel freak homepage

Rounding out our list is the blog TravelFreak, which helps connect people who are determined to live life on their own terms.

Jeremy, the blog’s founder, wants to help people find ways to travel abroad, discover new destinations, and move beyond their comfort zone.

He does so by providing plenty of travel advice on how to plan your next adventure and how to find the courage to live the life of your dreams.

Ready to Find Your New Favorite Travel Blogs?

With all the travel blogs around, it can be hard to know which ones to explore first.

We’ve highlighted some of the most popular travel blogs representing many types of travelers, so you can find the best ones for you.

If you’re looking to plan your next great adventure — whether that’s a surfing trip in Costa Rica, eating your way through Italy, or taking a once-in-a-lifetime road trip across South America — we recommend picking a few travel blogs on this list that appeal to you.

Take the time to really explore them, to let yourself be inspired, and to soak up all the knowledge and advice they offer.

And then before you know it, you’ll be planning a trip to the destination of your dreams!

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Tara Malone is the content editor at the online education company Mirasee. She specializes in creating online content for software, cybersecurity, and digital marketing companies, including SiteLock, Paige AI, and InVision.


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Written by Tara Malone

Tara Malone is the content editor at the online education company Mirasee. She specializes in creating online content for software, cybersecurity, and digital marketing companies, including SiteLock, Paige AI, and InVision.

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