New to Smart Blogger? Start Here

New to Smart Blogger? Start Here.So, you have a blog. (Or you’re thinking about starting one.)

But you’re not an average blogger.

Blogging is more than just a fun hobby for you. Much more.

You’re excited about where it could lead you because you know the potential is huge.

Successful bloggers land book deals, launch online businesses, attract high-paying clients, become recognized thought leaders… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. And if you don’t have the right approach, it won’t happen at all.

That’s why smart bloggers know where they want to go, and how to find the right strategies to get there.

They’re busy people who can’t afford to spend weeks spinning their wheels or running down paths that turn out to be dead ends.

Every hour they spend on blogging has to move them toward their end goal.

Even if they don’t have the answer, they know where to find it.

This blog is for those people.

This blog is for you.

The Origins of Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger is the next step in the evolution of Boost Blog Traffic (BBT), created by popular blogger Jon Morrow in 2012.

Jon has an incredible personal story. You can read about it here, here and here.

But this blog isn’t about Jon.

It’s about you, where you’re heading, and how we can help you get there faster.

Want some proof we’re up to the task?

Boost Blog Traffic enjoyed one of the smartest blog launches in history, building an audience of over 13,000 email subscribers even before publishing a single post.

Since that launch, the blog’s popularity has skyrocketed. Here are some highlights:

  • The blog has grown its audience to over 100,000 email subscribers
  • It created a $100K+ a month business based around teaching people about writing and blogging
  • It has published viral posts attracting thousands upon thousands of shares

But despite all this success, we sensed it was time to shift focus.

Because you know what? Traffic isn’t everything.

In fact, traffic is irrelevant unless it takes you somewhere useful — otherwise, it’s a meaningless vanity metric.

And that’s why Smart Blogger is about more than just traffic (though we’ll still teach you how to get tons of that.)

It’s about being intentional with your blogging efforts and always keeping one eye on the prize.

It’s for people who know that a blog without a clear goal is like a killer resume without a dream job to apply for.

Smart Blogger combines practical, strategy-infused blogging advice with a healthy dose of inspiration to keep you going when things get tough (and they will get tough.)

But don’t worry…

We’re here to help you.

Meet the Dynamite Team Behind Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger is much more than just this blog. It’s a thriving business run by one of the best virtual teams on the planet — brilliant talent from literally all over the globe.

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

Writer Extraordinaire and Badass Visionary

• Austin, Texas (US) •

Jon’s viral posts have been read and shared by millions, but it took three failed blogs before he found the keys to blogging success and created a multi-million dollar company.

These days Jon is focusing his amazing ability to overcome adversity into his new blog,, with the goal of reaching the millions of people who need to hear his message of hope and inspiration.

Fun Fact: Jon developed an addiction to guacamole when he lived in Mexico, and won’t go a day without an avocado gracing his plate.

Marsha Stopa

Marsha Stopa

Queen of “Onward!”

• Brevard, North Carolina (US) •

One of the early Guest Blogging students, Marsha became Jon’s first employee after moderating the forum free for six months. Now she’s senior instructor and coach for all Smart Blogger programs, using skills she honed during nearly 20 years as a journalist, newspaper editor and frequent mentor to newbie reporters.

A Detroit native, Marsha fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina in 2005, finally moving there in 2011.

Fun Fact: She loves to paint mountain landscapes outdoors and just bought a fixer-upper on six acres in the mountains with a gorgeous view that’s “way out there” even for locals.

Glen Long

Glen Long

The Operations Guy

• London (UK) •

An early Guest Blogging student, Glen worked his way from student to course instructor to managing editor of the blog, and now he runs the show behind the scenes of Smart Blogger.

A tech geek at heart, Glen has degrees in computer science and artificial intelligence. He’s the proud father of two young boys – one human and one canine – and is currently plotting an escape from London (where he’s lived for 20 years) to England’s south coast.

Fun Fact: Glen spent five years trying to “make it” in the world of comedy, eventually landing a writing agent and a job in the BBC’s online comedy department before “getting sucked into” Jon’s world of writing and blogging.

Tim Gary

Tim Gary

Tech Wizard

• Reno, Nevada (US) •

Smart Blogger’s WordPress and integration guru, Tim’s been programming computers since the late ‘70s — think hunky boxes with switches and blinking lights a la “War Games” — and the dark, pre-Internet ages.

He was involved with several medical-lab testing startups and developed a program to correlate medical research data to lab results. He joined up with Jon and Marsha as the company’s tech needs grew.

Fun Fact: Tim loves working from home with his two Persian kitties, Koa and Kai, when he isn’t working from exotic locales like Panama and Hawaii because of his favorite hobby — playing the award/points/miles “game” with credit cards, airlines, and hotels.

Heather Sanders

Heather Sanders

Web Production & Graphics Go-to Gal

• Huntsville, Texas (US) •

An online, work-at-home veteran since 2000, Heather’s worked in web design and development, branding and consulting, freelance writing, ghost blogging, and blog content management.

She’s also launched and sold three separate web businesses. Which is why she knows just about anything about creating things online, and which is why she’s our answer to every web question.

Fun Fact: A geek for creatively packaged products, yet a minimalist at heart, Heather has been caught sneaking snapshots instead of actually purchasing the item. And her idea of a perfect date night with her husband of 24 years includes Mexican food, margaritas, and a movie.

Leanne Regalla

Leanne Regalla

Instructor Extraordinaire

• Beaver County, Pennsylvania (US) •

Leanne’s a lifelong teacher and trainer on topics ranging from business, economics, statistical forecasting to rock-n-roll guitar.

A veteran of all Smart Blogger programs, she wrote several viral evergreen posts for her first blog. Now a freelance writer, she enjoys the big hairy writing projects that scare everyone else.

She’s been creating the mini-courses for Serious Bloggers Only for several years, has written several popular posts for the Smart Blogger blog and has tackled numerous behind-the-scenes writing projects for us.

Fun Fact: Her best high school job was a summer gig as a local college radio DJ where she could play whatever weird music she wanted. The weirder, the better.

Jenn Arman

Jenn Arman

Student Smile Manager & Empress of Employee Happiness

• Los Angeles, California (US) •

One of the two helpful, friendly voices behind Smart Blogger’s help desk and chat, Jenn easily relates to blogging woes after struggling with several failed blogs.

She credits 20 years of retail work with honing her customer skills.

Fun Fact: A secret animal whisperer, Jenn says she’s yet to meet an animal she couldn’t make friends with. Her resident kitties agree.

Robert van Tongeren

Robert van Tongeren

Instructor Extraordinaire

• Warmond (NL) •

After an internship convinced him an office life was not for him, Robert dropped out of college to be free to move when and where he wanted. He read about people who traveled the world with money they made from their blogs; inspired, he started his style-advice blog,

He joined the Guest Blogging program, and to his surprise, fell in love with editing, becoming the Guest Blogging instructor, moving on to work as Smart Blogger’s associate editor, and is currently helping our students get their posts in shape in Freedom Machine and the Content Marketing Certification program.

Fun Fact: Robert’s birthday falls on the Dutch holiday, Kingsday, and he likes to pretend the countrywide celebrations are in his honor. He’s also BFF with his 7-year-old niece and has the certificate to prove it.

Curt Levey

Curt Levey

Customer Giggle Specialist

• Ferntree Gully, Victoria (AU) •

Curt managed bakeries and led sales teams in his previous lives but now as the only “Down Under” member of the team, he handles the support desk while his kids are in school.

A self-aware introvert who practices karate with his son, Curt trained himself to become an expert people profiler and body language reader.

Fun Fact: Curt likes to say he is a cybernetic organism in human form with Jedi-like mind-reading abilities.

Felicity Fields

Felicity Fields

Detail Manager

• Portland, Oregon (US) •

Loose ends, unfinished projects, and affiliate inquiries don’t stand a chance with Felicity on the task. Never afraid of new experiences, she’s worked in both the offline and online worlds as an admin assistant, web design freelancer, as well as at Mirasee and Ruzuku.

Fun Fact: A digital nomad since 2014, she’s house sat in England, France, Ireland, Canada, and Switzerland. She sings bass in a women’s barbershop chorus and looks for choruses to sing with while jet-setting.

Kevin J. Duncan

Kevin J. Duncan


• Warner Robins, Georgia (US) •

A project manager by day and blogger by night, Kevin’s dream was to quit the rat race and blog full-time. In 2019, that dream became a reality when Jon invited him to join Smart Blogger as our blog editor.

Blessed with a loving wife and two beautiful daughters, Kevin gets to hear their squeals and giggles as he works from his home office doing what he loves: connecting with readers, changing lives, and running the biggest, baddest blog on the planet.

Fun Fact: While going to school to earn his graduate degree, Kevin worked as a teacher. As he likes to say, “Nothing will cure your fear of public speaking quite like standing in front of a room full of teenagers who wish you would shut up.”