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Unsure about the most effective ways to build your blog?

Confused about the conflicting blogging advice you’ve read?

Looking for proven blogging guidance that actually works?

Read the articles — and especially the comments — on Smart Blogger and you’ll see we know what we’re talking about. We’ve successfully done everything we teach, or we don’t teach it.

If you’re ready for more and ready to take action, our courses give you the deep dive on important blogging topics so you’re equipped to take the next step — and the next — on your blogging path to success.

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Content Marketing Certification

The new way to make six figures as a freelance writer, working from home whenever it suits your schedule.

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Freedom Machine

Introducing Freedom Machine: The Complete, A-Z System for Earning $1,000/Month from Blogging

Based on the step-by-step system Jon Morrow used to generate:

  • Over $100,000/month in passive income
  • 9,000+ new leads every month (without spending a dime)
  • 23,000+ happy customers

All while being paralyzed from the neck down.

This simple approach works even if you have no idea and know nothing about business.

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Serious Bloggers Only

Serious Bloggers Only is a training community created exclusively for people who want to master all the skills necessary to become a popular blogger.

Not only do we give you advanced techniques and strategies for growing a blog, but you’ll also learn how to get a new blog off the ground starting from scratch. We’ll teach you how to find the perfect domain name, how to optimize your site for getting subscribers, how to create credibility with your audience, thus setting the stage for landing a book deal, launching a successful business or making passive income from your blog.

It’s everything you need to build a blog from nothing and become one of the top websites online.

Immediate Access to 30+ Mini-Courses:

Altogether, we have more than 30 mini-courses, covering blogging from A – Z, and dealing in depth with the challenges and questions bloggers face every day.

Each mini-course includes a 25-30 page in-depth report diving deep into advanced strategies and tactics, giving you real-life examples and case studies, breaking it all down so you understand exactly what to do step-by-step.

You also get screenshots, checklists, and templates – all the resources you need to take action and get results fast.

Here are just a few of the mini-courses you’ll get instant access to when you join Serious Bloggers Only:

Six Figure Roadmap
The Six-Figure Roadmap
A Breakdown of Everything You Have to Do (and When) to Build a Six-Figure Blog
serious bloggers only
Blog Traffic 101
The Art of Asking: How to Ask Influencers to Share Your Blog Posts, Even If They Have No Idea Who You Are
income on autopilot
Income on AutoPilot
How to Use Email Auto Responder Services to Bring in Consistent Income Every Month
creating credibility
Creating Credibility
How to Win the Trust of Your Audience
Your First $1000 per Month
Your First $1,000 per Month
How to Use Your Blog to Launch a Telephone Coaching Practice, Even if You’re a Beginner with No Credentials
Finding the Perfect Domain Name
Finding the Perfect Domain Name
Why Your Domain Name Sucks (and How to Find a Good One at a Reasonable Price)
The List Post Handbook
The List Post Handbook
Everything You Need to Know to Write List Posts That Go Viral
SEO 101
SEO 101
Everything a Beginning Blogger Needs to Know (and Some Advanced Tips)
The Ultimate Blog Design Makeover
The Ultimate Blog Design Makeover
How to Look Smart and Get More Traffic Even if You’re a Newbie with Tech Stuff
Become a Writing Machine
Become a Writing Machine
The System Professional Writers Use to Write Up to 10,000 Words a Day
Traffic on Demand
Traffic on Demand
How to Use Email Teasers to Get Traffic Whenever You Want
The Egobait Handbook
The Egobait Handbook
A Nifty Trick for Grabbing the Attention of the Authorities in Your Space
Getting Paid
Getting Paid
How to Choose a Payment Solution to Sell the Stuff on Your Blog
The Blogging Breakthrough
The Blogging Breakthrough
Why Your Blog Never Seems to Take Off and What to Do About It
The Motivation Manifesto
The Motivation Manifesto
Why Finding Time For Your Blog is Such a Struggle (and How to Become a Lean, Mean, Blogging Machine)

Become Part of an Active Community of Bloggers:

Serious Bloggers Only includes access to a private Facebook group for finding answers, asking for support and sharing your victories – large and small – with friends. Many members say the friendships they’ve developed within the community are one of the most valuable parts of the membership.