45+ Best Travel Jobs Ever: Explore the World (& Get Paid)

by Kris Freeman


Travel jobs solve the question, “how can I afford to travel?”

Wait, you mean I can travel and find a job that will pay my expenses on the road?

You bet!

And we’ll get you started on that path by sharing legitimate jobs that can show you the world and pay your rent too!

Our list of the 45+ best travel jobs offers a wide range of opportunities, skills, and how-to’s that’ll help inspire your next globe-trotting journey.

So, come with me and see what’s possible!

1. Earn Money Blogging

Blogging is not for the get-rich-quick crowd. However, when paired with the proper training, it’s a digital career that can create a respectable income.

However, you’ll want to blog in a popular and monetizable niche. Otherwise, you’ll earn peanuts instead of steady pay.

Potential Income

Estimated at 0 to $100,000 per month. Amounts vary by blog niche.

2. Teaching English Abroad

Fact: English teachers are in high-demand around the world! So if you’re comfortable in front of a class and have a knack for teaching, this is one of the best gigs you’ll find when looking for travel jobs.

Native and non-native English-speaking teachers can earn income abroad.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  Teach English Abroad 

Potential Income

In top pay countries expect $2,000 to $5,000 per month.

3. Bartending

With experience, you can bartend in any restaurant or pub — but you’ll need to speak the local language.

You can practice your skills at a hostel or take a bartending course.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Best Online Bartending Schools 

Potential Income

Hourly wages vary by location, experience, and shifts. The average hourly wage, including tips, is $25 – $35.

4. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the hottest remote jobs. Plus, it’s super-easy to get started! All you need is a laptop, the passion and knowledge for writing content, and a solid way to promote yourself.

Any freelance job means you’re self-employed — allowing you to pick and choose job opportunities based on your timeline.

Potential Income

The average base salary is $23.30 per hour.

5. Website & Graphic Design

A working knowledge of coding, platforms, and WordPress to build and design websites can launch your digital nomad career.

And gaining experience in this field does not require formal training. If you have a knack for this work, you can use self-tutorials to expedite your skill level.

Potential Income

Depending on experience and certifications, the average is $24 per hour.

6. Organic Farming

Want to get your hands dirty with organic farming? Well, Wwoffing might just be the ticket.

Wwoffing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a cooperative that looks for volunteers to work on their farms — requiring no experience.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: How to Get Started Wwoofing 

Potential Income

You can expect free food, room, and board in exchange for working the farm.

7. Scuba Diver Instructor

Scuba divers have money to invest — so becoming certified in this career as an instructor will land you in some spectacular places from Fiji to Thailand.

Potential Income

$60,811 per year, including bonuses.

8. Busking

YouTube video

Got a flair for performance art like singing, drumming, or juggling?

Then busking can become a lucrative side hustle with perks — especially if you get discovered and your career launches like Tash Sultana, Ed Sheeran, or Jewel.

Potential Income

Depending on timing, location, and attractiveness, you can earn $50 during a workday and $100 to $150 a day on weekends.

9. Cultural Exchange Programs

The two most popular exchange programs are WorkAway and HelpX.

These platforms connect volunteers to work internationally in all genres, from construction to farming.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: WorkAway.info 

Potential Income

Details vary per job but generally include free room and board.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to recommend another product or service on your blog or website and gives you a cut of the action if the reader clicks on the link and buys it.

This creates a gateway to passive income.

Potential Income

Depending on your niche, the average salary per year is $60,000 to $208,000.

11. Cruise Ship Jobs

Have you considered traveling the world aboard a cruise ship?

Cruise ships offer an abundance of jobs because it’s an enormous undertaking to keep the boat afloat.

Jobs include housekeeping, entertainment director, cooks, tour management, and more.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Cruise Ship Jobs 

Potential Income

The typical cruise ship job provides food, room, board, transportation, and insurance. And the average compensation ranges from $500 to $10,000 per month.

12. Interpreter/Translator

Written or spoken form fluency in two languages or more is a valuable skill.

Becoming a translator or interpreter will likely require a linguistics degree from a University.

Potential Income

The average international wage is $29 per hour and $60,341 annually.

13. AuPair/Nanny

An AuPair is a full-time live-in child caretaker.

They are responsible for providing child care assistance and academic help where needed — so being fluent in the host country’s language is a must.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Can I Become an Au Pair? 

Potential Income

Perks include free room and board and a small salary per month. Countries like the Middle East pay more than others.

14. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants can fly worldwide depending on the airline.

However,  starting in this field can give you some less desirable destinations to start — so you have to be patient.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  How to Become a Flight Attendant

Potential Income

Depending on the airline and the shifts you pick up, you can expect an average salary of $51,012 per year.

15. Proofreader

Do you have an eye for catching errors on printed material?

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to the English language?

If you said yes to one or both questions, you could be a great candidate for a proofreading job!

To hone this skill, check out this guide on how to become a proofreader.

Potential Income

On average, proofreaders make $25 to $45 per hour.

16. Freelance Videographer/Vlogger/YouTuber

Jobs here include getting paid to shoot videos for travel boards and tourism brands, selling stock footage, and becoming a famous YouTuber and Vlogger.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  10 Tips for Becoming a Traveler YouTuber 

Potential Income

Depending on the market, you can charge $750 to $850 daily. And YouTubers can make $28.50 to $47.50 per day, depending on views.

17. Massage Therapist

Massage Therapists are in high demand in resort-type destinations where the main focus is relaxation.

Teaming up with a popular vacation destination or becoming a freelance massage therapist can lead to a lucrative income.

Potential Income

Cruise ship massage therapists earn $2800 to $4500 per month. And some resort locations offer free room and board.

18. Ski Instructor

Becoming a Ski Instructor is a seasonal or gap year job that offers fantastic travel opportunities.

And certification in this field will yield better-paying gigs.

Potential Income

Level 1 instructor $20 per hour. Level 2 instructor $25 per hour.

19. Dropshipper

A dropshipper is a seller that doesn’t stock their inventory — in essence, they act as a middleman.

The seller purchases inventory through a third-party wholesaler as needed and then resells it for a markup.

Potential Income

$200 to $3,000 per month.

20. Freelance Photographer

If you live, eat, and breathe photography, freelancing this skill is a no-brainer.

Places like tourist destinations, resorts, and events nationally and internationally contract with photographers to capture their experiences.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  How to Become a Freelance Photographer 

Potential Income

$28 per hour and $57,806 annually.

21. Tour Guide

To become a tour guide, you can get formal education or land a job based on your passion for a specific area of the world.

And don’t rule out creating your own tour guide business when you’re on the road.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Tour Guide Certification 

Potential Income

Cruise ship tour guides earn $250 – $350 daily, including tips.

22. Travel Agent

Yes, booking vacations online has become a popular trend; however, the need for a travel agent is still in demand. Because they offer a more personalized approach that often yields more innovative and safer travel options.

Travel agents book trips and provide insider reviews on the best places to go and dine — including blogs that document destinations’ pros and cons.

Search for travel agent jobs at Indeed or Simply Hired.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: How to Become a Travel Agent 

Potential Income

The average base salary is $19 per hour and $135 a day in tips.

23. Volunteer in the Peace Corp/NGO

Organizations like the Peace Corps or NGOs that offer opportunities to travel abroad while volunteering your skills are an excellent way to gain experience, beef up your resume, and become an all-around good person.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Volunteer for NGO Support 

Potential Income

The average Peace Corps volunteer salary is $218 to $821 per month.

24. House Sitter

House sitting is a way to gain accessible accommodations while saving you the cost of finding a place to stay while traveling.

You can check out sites like TrustedHousesitters or HouseCarers that match you with credible jobs.

Potential Income

The average wage is $34 per hour.

25. Become an Airbnb

Your home can earn you the money you need to travel.

Listing your home with Airbnb’s massive website will connect you with guests looking to rent accommodations.

And the tax write-off using your home as an Airbnb is another great perk.

Potential Income

The average income per month is $925.

26. Theatrical Roadie/Stagehand

A tremendous amount of work goes into putting on a theatre production or a musicians tour.

These performances always look for employees who can make the show run smoothly and love being on the road.

Potential Income

Seasoned roadies make $200 a day. Theatre crew average $636 per week on the Broadway circuit.

27. Travel Nursing

Travel Nurses move to where they are needed — allowing them to live in destinations abroad.

Certification in the Nursing field is required, but once you become a registered nurse, you can find travel nursing job opportunities in many countries, cities, and rural areas.

You can search for jobs in travel nursing via Fastaff and American Mobile.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Travel Nursing.org 

Potential Income

Travel nurses earn an average wage of $56.49 per hour. And some jobs offer free housing, medical care, rental cars, and more.

28. Car/RV Transport

Companies like RV Transport or AutoDriveAway hire drivers to move cars where needed.

To become a car/RV transport driver, you will need a clean driver’s license and a specialty license if driving an RV.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  How to Become a Car Transport Driver

Potential Income

$1.19 to $2.22 per mile for an RV. Income varies by job.

29. Online Teacher/Tutor

The need for online learning has exploded exponentially pre and post-pandemic era.

That’s great news for teachers and tutors who want to work and live anywhere.

Of course, your desired destination needs reliable internet and living in a time zone concurrent with your students.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  Online Teaching Jobs

Potential Income

$10 to $38.90 per hour, depending on the subject.

30. Foreign Aid Worker

Do you have a strong interest in social work? Organizations like USAID can put you in touch with communities in dire straits that need your help.

To qualify as a foreign aid worker, you’ll need experience in related fields such as healthcare, agriculture, education, and more.

Potential Income

USAID employees earn $29 per hour or $60,000 annually.

31. Camp Counselor

Becoming a Camp Counselor has a definitive career path, especially for those who love the outdoors, camping, and teaching.

Camp counselors are responsible for the safety, health, and emotional care of teenagers and children, and also plan activities and supervise events.

Potential Income

$50,418 median income annually.

32. Rental Property Manager

Rental properties are not a fad likely to go away — thus, the demand for property managers and anyone tending to a property is essential.

Ensuring that rental guests have a smooth stay requires people who can effectively coordinate the day-to-day operations of a sought-after get-away location.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  How to Become a Property Manager 

Potential Income

Newbie property managers can earn $34K per year. The average median income is $51,266 per year.

33. Deck Hand/Marina Worker

Boat and yacht owners require people to keep their ships afloat.

Those who have a passion for all things nautical can travel while earning a reasonable salary.

And do check out Super Yacht School to learn how you can uplevel your boating skills.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Your New Life on a Super Yacht   

Potential Income

$2,200 to $3,000 monthly in euros — including room, board, and meals.

34. Vacation House Exchange

Do you own a home in a vacation destination? Well, house swapping may be right for you — especially if you’re looking to get away without spending a fortune checking into hotels and arranging costly accommodations.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: How Does a Vacation House Swap Work?   

Potential Income

It varies by location and the amount you’d save by not paying for lodging.

35. Overseas Resort Worker

Overseas resorts like Club Med are always looking to hire — especially those workers who can speak the languages of their guests.

Job opportunities include event coordinators, choreographers, dancers, tennis pros, spa therapists, golf pros, etc.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: ClubMedJobs.com   

Potential Income

Median Club Med salary is $41K annually.

36. Bollywood Extra

Planning a trip to Mumbai, India?

Well, don’t be surprised if you’re approached by a film scout. Mumbai churns out 1,000+ movies a year — doubling what Hollywood typically produces.

So the demand for foreign dancers and Bollywood extras is abundant.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: How to Be a Film Extra in Bollywood 

Potential Income

Clearly, the bragging rights are worth more than the $8 per day and food that is often included.

37. Pet Care/Sitter

Pet sitter jobs are in demand because pet owners go out of their way to keep them entertained.

If you have a fondness for animals and would love to make a legit income from pet sitting, check out how to start a pet sitting business.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: Best Pet Sitting Jobs

Potential Income

The average income is $12.02 per hour, including tips.

38. Dog Walker

Do you have a love for dogs and the great outdoors? Then dog walking jobs can fit the bill.

And when you build up a clientele of happy customers (and dogs), expect to earn a decent wage.

Potential Income

Dog walkers earn $10 to $30 per dog per 30-minute walk.

39. Online Poker

Yes, digital nomads who play poker and earn a not-too-shabby income definitely exist.

The caveats here are the player’s skill and level of risk — how serious of a poker player you are and at what level you’re willing to make bets.

Potential Income

$100 to $2,000 per month, depending on bet levels.

40. Resort/Hotel Worker

The staffing at hotels and resorts can be seasonal, resulting in high turnover — meaning there are always jobs to be had.

And if you land a job with an international outfit, you can often transfer to other resorts while still following the same or similar career path.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: So Many Possibilites at Resorts

Potential Income

$33,353 to $67,713 annually — depending on education and certifications.

41. Freelance Digital Marketer

A freelance digital marketer knows how to promote, engage, and convert prospects into customers.

The remote work here is plentiful. And you’ll find the demand for digital marketers outweighs the supply of applicants. Thus, allowing you to leverage perks from an employer.

Potential Income

$80,000 to $104,000 annually.

42. Freelance App Developer

Freelance app development is one of the highest-paid digital nomad careers. Why? Because these people are highly skilled and formally trained.

And, if you have a knack for coding, it is possible to learn software or app development from online courses.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: How to Become a Software Developer  

Potential Income

The average salary is $86,000 annually.

43. Virtual Assistant

With more jobs going remote and the technologies to meet this online trend, virtual assistants are more in demand.

Skills such as calendar management, social media scheduling, and responding to customer inquiries are just a few of the tasks you’ll tackle as a virtual assistant.

Extra Tips & Wisdom:  How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Potential Income

$10 to $30 per hour.

44. Professional Consulting

Do you possess mad skills in a profession that could use your brand of expertise?

Professional consulting allows you the freedom to earn contractual income and travel simultaneously.

Potential Income

$112.50 an hour.

45. Holiday Work Visa

A working holiday visa is a special permit to legally work in a foreign country, typically for 12 months.

They tend to favor 18 to 31-year-olds and do not require you to be employed in the host country before obtaining the visa.

This is excellent news for those looking to soak up the culture while financing their travels.

Extra Tips & Wisdom: What is a Working Holday Visa?

Potential Income

Income will vary between countries and jobs.

46. Private Chef/Cooks

Whether you have a culinary degree or are a self-taught chef with real experience, you can take your cooking chops on the road.

Places like resorts, cruise ships, yachts, and restaurants always seek help. And can lead to private chef work if you connect with the right people.

Potential Income

Depending on experience, $59k to $77k annually.

Travel Jobs That Rock

Yes! You can get travel jobs that pay for your adventures in your home country and abroad.

And some of the positions listed here, coupled with the right experience, can launch a full-blown career — especially if you fall in love with the job.

And isn’t that the ultimate goal?

You live out your dreams in an exotic destination and get paid to be there.

So start staking out your next career move, get skilled enough to land the position, and then take the plunge — by traveling, living, and affording your dream location. 

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Written by Kris Freeman

A certified content marketer, SEO strategist, and copy editor with Smart Blogger, Kris Freeman, knows how to please the ‘Google gods’ so that your content gets noticed, adds value to your audience, and starts to rank in Google. To see more of Kris's work check out her portfolio or sign up for her blog at the self-kindness experiment.

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  2. #1 and #24 are my favorites from this list, Kris. I have been blogging professionally since 2011 as a world traveler and began house sitting in 2014. Blogging and house are fun ways to enjoy the world as you prosper and live rent-free. We have a rich array of opportunities for seeing the world as we make a living.



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