9 Freelance Writing Job Boards to Find Great Writing Gigs (2024)

by Heideli Loubser


Fed up with your current freelance writing job boards?

You pitch and propose until your fingers go numb, and what do you get?

A cursor blinking on your screen, no action in your inbox, and…


This post was written to rescue you from pulling out your hair in total frustration.

Read on for reviews and solid information on places to find high-quality freelance gigs that actually have real clients paying real money.

Yup, they do exist!

9 Great Job Boards for Freelance Writers

Can you make a living with freelance writing?


But looking for remote writing jobs online can feel like shooting arrows in the dark — firing off pitches and hoping they hit the mark.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Save yourself time and frustration by skirting past the content mills (eww). Instead, focus on the job boards discussed below.

With a little digging, even beginners can find plenty of opportunities.

1. Smart Blogger Jobs Board

We’ll start right here at home.

Launched in late 2022, the Smart Blogger Jobs Board is a 100% free-to-use job board for freelance writers, bloggers, content marketers, SEO and social media specialists, and more.

Its goal is to become the best job board on the web, and with the company’s track record, reaching this lofty goal is more than doable.

Stand-Out Features

  • Each jobs posting is manually vetted and reviewed by a member of Smart Blogger’s editorial department.
  • Its search and filtering capability is top notch, letting you find just the right job.
  • The free training material is second to none.

Cost: Free

2. ProBlogger

freelance writing job boards problogger

ProBlogger is an old favorite for many freelance writers.

Started by expert blogger Darren Rowser, this freelance job board has plenty of worthy postings.

You’ll still need to sift through quite a few postings to find jobs that are a good fit, but overall it’s a useful resource.

Stand-Out Features

  • With approximately 20 or more jobs posted per week and regularly updated, there are plenty of job opportunities.
  • You can now search for writing gigs using keywords like blogging, freelance writer, copywriter, SEO content writer, journalism jobs, etc.
  • The site has various free and paid resources to help you improve your skills, such as ebooks, courses, blog posts, and a podcast.

Cost: Free

3. Mediabistro

freelance writing job boards mediabistro

Another oldie but a goodie, Mediabistro is a freelance writing job board with paid writing jobs from companies that are (mostly) able to pay a fair rate for beginner and mid-range writers.

It’s a useful job site for finding media jobs, various resources, and for searching for writing work by location. If you sign up for their membership, you get even more support in the form of resume services, pitching tips, courses, and networking help.

Stand-Out Features

  • More than 212 job posts added weekly in various niches provide you with an extensive variety of writing opportunities to pitch.
  • Free mini-courses on topics such as mastering Facebook ads, social media trends and collaborating with other influencers can help you expand your skills and earning potential.
  • Simple and crystal-clear navigation makes it easy to find jobs that suit the niche you’ve chosen for your writing career.

Cost: Free

4. BloggingPro

freelance writing job boards bloggingpro

If you want a freelance writing site with carefully filtered job postings, BloggingPro is the place to go.

You can find a lot of freelance copywriting, content writing, and journalism jobs here. Some are part-time, while others are full-time opportunities, and most are suitable for remote work.

Job listings on BloggingPro are full of details regarding what employers are looking for, so you can see exactly which jobs suit you best.

Contact details or links to application forms are included at the bottom of each post.

Stand-Out Features

  • Each job posting is evaluated, and listings from employers with negative reviews are removed.
  • Most writing gigs show the rate you will be paid.
  • Features resources, ebooks, guides and tips for Wordpress users, new bloggers, and beginner freelance writers to help you grow your writing career.

Cost: Free

5. Craigslist

freelance writing job boards craigslist

Don’t forget about Craigslist.

There are some good writing jobs available on this job board if you know how to look carefully. Just make sure you don’t take on a writing gig that pays peanuts.

Look for job listings that are detailed regarding expectations, requirements, and pay rates. Then do your homework on that employer as well. If you see the word “exposure” anywhere, run! It means that the employer will ask you to write for free, promising you some publicity (offering to promote your work) which usually means you get nothing further out of it.

Don’t spend your time and brainpower on writing content that will not be valued or respected by an employer. Even as a beginner freelancer, you deserve fair compensation for your time and effort.

You can look for job listings locally as well as in any other city you choose, screening the opportunities that allow for remote work.

Stand-Out Features

  • Good freelance work opportunities are there if you take a bit of time to look across multiple locations.

Cost: Free

6. Upwork

freelance writing jobs boards upwork

Some freelancers love Upwork. Others hate it.

There’s been a longstanding trend of poorly-paying work on this freelance marketplace, but there are some decent writing jobs too.

Skip the posts asking you to write for free or nearly free. Filter the listings by keywords and look for positive reviews on the employers before submitting a proposal or writing sample.

Stand-Out Features

  • A huge number of writing opportunities are posted every week.
  • If you consistently deliver excellent work, you can eventually join their Top Rated Program and attract even more and better-paying clients.
  • It’s a good place for beginners to start getting writing work.

Cost: Free to sign up for an account.

A note about Upwork’s service fees: Upwork takes a percentage of your earnings on the platform. It is applied on a sliding scale according to how much you make from each client over the timespan of your account. This applies to both hourly and fixed-price writing jobs. Click here for more information on how this works.

7. Flexjobs

freelance writing job boards flexjobs

If you feel like you’re turning into a job board jumper and would prefer to only focus on a few excellent ones, you can’t go wrong with Flexjobs.

It will cost some money, but the investment will be worth it. You won’t spend nearly as many hours sifting through crummy job postings to find good ones.

Flexjobs is ad-free and highly curated by real human beings who care about your next freelance, part-time, or full-time writing opportunity.

With about 200 or more solid job listings added weekly, you’re bound to find something quickly.

Stand-Out Features

  • This freelance writing job board is ad-free, scam-free, and highly curated, so most of the job postings you’ll see are legit writing jobs.
  • Find decent-paying jobs to apply for in far less time than other popular free boards.
  • The different pricing options allow you to decide how long you want access to the job board, which is useful if you only want to stay on it until you get hired for the right full-time writing opportunity.

Cost: $6.95 for a week / $14.95 per month / $29 for 3 months

8. Freelance Writing

freelance writing job boards freelance writing

Freelance Writing is a freelance website that filters writing opportunities and job postings from other job boards like Indeed, Freelance Job Openings.com, Freelance Blogging Jobs, Ed2010, Craigslist, Mediabistro, and BloggingPro.

You can filter the jobs you’re looking for by job source (such as these other boards), by skill such as copywriting, journalism, content writing, content marketing, social media writing, or by location.

Stand-Out Features

  • This job board features helpful freelance writing resources and submission guidelines for hundreds of other publications.
  • It includes a freelance writing contest section where you can submit your writing and win!
  • There are multiple ways to narrow down your job search and save time.
  • Most of the freelance writing jobs on this board pay reasonably well.

Cost: Free

9. LinkedIn

freelance writing job boards linkedin

LinkedIn is more of a professional networking platform than a job board, but you can filter your search to look for freelancing opportunities.

The benefit of using LinkedIn to do this is that your application often goes directly to the hiring company, and it’s easier to get in touch with them.

You can also filter your search by skill, location, and type of contract (freelance, full-time, part-time, temporary).

When you fill out your profile and optimize it towards the opportunities you’re looking for, it makes it even easier for companies to find you.

Also, because it’s a social media platform, you can showcase your writing skills by sharing short posts or longer articles on LinkedIn.

Stand-Out Features

  • LinkedIn is a social media platform that combines your professional profile, company profiles, content posting, and job searching.
  • There are various helpful and free resources on the platform to help you expand your knowledge and skills.
  • LinkedIn also has a paid membership that prioritizes your job applications and makes it easier to see what companies are looking for you.

Cost: Free

Membership fee: For career opportunities, the paid membership is $29.99 per month after a free trial of 30 days.

Good Freelance Writing Job Boards Are Out There

There are plenty of online writing job opportunities out there. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones.

Keep pitching and writing, and you’ll improve as you go.

The secret is to get a bit of momentum.

From there, you can start getting testimonials, referrals, and more work!

You can build a genuine freelance writing career that pays the bills, brings you satisfaction, and gives you the freedom to choose what you want to work on, with whom, when, and how you’ll deliver your much-needed skills.

The only question that remains is: how many pitches will you send today?

Best of luck!

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Heideli Loubser

Heideli Loubser is a direct-response copywriter and a content marketing strategist helping holistic health professionals and coaches grow their business while they focus on helping their clients get well. She is also a homeschool blogging mom of two kiddos. When she’s not wielding her powerful pen to help businesses and other parents, she enjoys gardening, painting, caffeine, and scrolling on TikTok.


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Photo of author

Written by Heideli Loubser

Heideli Loubser is a direct-response copywriter and a content marketing strategist helping holistic health professionals and coaches grow their business while they focus on helping their clients get well. She is also a homeschool blogging mom of two kiddos. When she’s not wielding her powerful pen to help businesses and other parents, she enjoys gardening, painting, caffeine, and scrolling on TikTok.

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