15 Top Sources for Email Newsletter Templates in 2024 (Free & Paid)

by Tiffany Lewis


Quality email newsletter templates save time, foster brand consistency, and spark inspiration. Template providers should offer options but also help with your email marketing woes:

  • Emails sent to spam by email service providers (ESPs)
  • Unsubscribes
  • Wonky-looking email layouts or graphics on mobile or in some ESPs
  • Inactive email accounts
  • Decreased subscriber engagement
  • Struggles with remote team collaboration

The following list provides sources for responsive email newsletter templates. These sources also offer solutions to common email marketing challenges.

The 15 Best Free and Paid Email Newsletter Template Sources

This list is in alphabetical order and does not rank the sources in any way. All are free to use or offer free trials, so you can try them out and decide which is the best email marketing tool for you.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign houses over 250 responsive email templates in text-based, Rich Text, or HTML Format. Create custom email newsletter designs with the drag-and-drop email builder.

Plans start at $9/month — billed annually — for up to 500 contacts. Try any ActiveCampaign plan free for 14 days, with no credit card required.

How else can ActiveCampaign help your email marketing

  • Marketing automation: Send the right emails to the right people at the right time with the right frequency.
  • Over 870 app integrations: Connect external apps and tools to work seamlessly with ActiveCampaign’s features.
  • Site tracking: Collect contact data to facilitate event tracking, segmentation, and automation.
  • Deliverability: Ensure your emails look great everywhere, deliver to active and engaged subscribers, and don’t trigger spam filters.

2. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a graphic design tool with thousands of customizable free templates. Sign up for a free account through the web browser or mobile app to create a new design.

The premium plan is $9.99/month, with a 30-day free trial. This plan includes premium templates, designs, licensed fonts, and royalty-free stock images. It also includes premium editing features and 100 GB of cloud storage.

How else can Adobe Express help your email marketing

  • Schedule cross-channel social media posts: Plan out posts in advance and schedule them to publish across multiple platforms.
  • Share newsletter design elements or documents: Keep everyone involved with the email campaign on the same page.
  • Add custom brand features: Maintain consistency across all marketing materials.

3. Bee

BEE  is a drag-and-drop design editor for mobile-responsive emails and landing pages. It offers over 1,500 customizable, free email newsletter templates.

Use of the free templates doesn’t require sign-up. However, a free BEE Pro plan will grant access to extra templates and features.

Paid plans start at $25/month — billed annually — and include unlimited emails and pages. Try a free trial of BEE Pro Team for 15 days, with no credit card required.

How else can Bee help your email marketing

  • Integration with 12 email marketing platforms: Export email newsletter designs anywhere.
  • User roles and permissions: Assign roles and block certain users from editing specific features and designs.
  • Design services: Hire a designer to create unique custom templates.

4. Benchmark

Benchmark houses 54 free, responsive HTML email templates. It has a drag-and-drop email builder, HTML editor, photo editor, and customizable color schemes.

Paid plans start at $13/month — billed annually — for 500 contacts. There is also a free plan available.

How else can Benchmark help your email marketing

  • Marketing automation: Enact RSS email updates, Smart Sending, Smart Content, and marketing email series to simplify workflows.
  • A/B testing: Identify weak spots, from email design to delivery, and tweak accordingly.
  • Inbox Checker: Preview emails for issues before sending them to your contacts.
  • Over 1,500 integrations: Boost your email marketing capabilities and features.

5. Cakemail

Cakemail features over 700 free email templates, each indicating its total number of user downloads.

You can customize and brand templates in the drag-and-drop email editor without an account. But creating a free account allows you to save your work. Paid plans include access to the HTML editor.

Paid plans start at $8/month for 500 contacts.

How else can Cakemail help your email marketing

  • Audience management: Group together segments of your audience using simple, behavioral, and advanced segmentation.
  • Marketing automation: Automate emails, mailing list maintenance, and workflows while tracking automation stats.
  • Deliverability: Avoid spam filters with sender authentication, unsubscribe and bounce management, and delivery troubleshooting.
  • APIs and integrations: Increase functionality with Email Marketing API, Analytics API, Contact API, and Transactional Emails.

6. Chamaileon

Chamaileon hosts over 100 free, responsive email templates. Edit them online in the drag-and-drop email builder and download them in HTML.

You can also import email templates and add visuals from the Pexels stock photo library.

Paid plans start at $125/month, and there are no free plans. You can try any plan free for 14 days, with no credit card required.

How else can Chamaileon help your email marketing

  • Asset sharing and library: Save all brand assets and newsletter designs to one place for reuse and team-sharing.
  • Roles and permissions management: Assign roles and grant or block access to newsletter designs for specific roles.
  • Integrations and Open API: Integrate your account with 18 major ESPs, or take advantage of open API for ESP/CRM integration.

7. Canva

Canva is a free graphic design tool for desktop, web, and mobile app.

It has hundreds of free email newsletter templates, a drag-and-drop email editor, and over a million free graphics and photos. Download, share, or post email newsletter designs directly from the editor.

Paid plans start at $119.99/year for one person. These plans include unlimited features, folders, and premium content.

How else can Canva help your email marketing

  • Dozens of integrations: Incorporate your email newsletter designs into various tools and apps.
  • Up to 100 brand kits: Easily apply your brand design to new email campaign projects.
  • Team features: Communicate and collaborate with team members directly in the editor.
  • 1 TB cloud storage: Save all newsletter designs and digital assets for reuse or inspiration for future email campaigns.

8. Mailchimp

Mailchimp has over 100 customizable, responsive email templates. With a paid plan, you can edit these design templates in the drag-and-drop email builder or import custom HTML email templates.

Available on desktop or mobile app, Mailchimp offers a free plan along with a host of free features.  Paid plans start at $11/month for 500 contacts.

How else can Mailchimp help your email marketing

  • Over 300 integrations: You connect your favorite apps and tools with Mailchimp and increase your email marketing features.
  • Creative Assistant: AI-powered design tool learns your brand and creates and resizes designs based on your brand kit.
  • Marketing automation: Send-time optimization, personalized emails, scheduling tools, and trigger-based emails simplify workflows.

9. Mailjet

Mailjet contains an extensive collection of responsive newsletter templates. Customize an existing template in the drag-and-drop email editor, or create a new email template. You can also code new MJML or HTML email templates.

Access the templates after signing up for a free plan. Paid plans start at $13.50/month – billed annually – for 15,000 emails. All plans include unlimited contacts.

How else can Mailjet help your email marketing

  • Real-time team collaboration tools: Share and evaluate email newsletter designs, giving feedback within the email editor.
  • Marketing automation: Program triggered emails, build automated marketing workflows, and personalize emails using audience segmentation.
  • Statistics Dashboard: Track A/B testing changes, email performance, and automation adjustments.
  • 72 integrations: Customize your email campaigns more comprehensively by integrating 3rd party apps and tools.

10. Marq

Marq, formerly Lucidpress, is a brand-templating platform that hosts 96 free newsletter templates.

You can upload and manage brand assets for free. However, only paid subscribers can access royalty-free stock photos and icons and lock email templates.

A free plan is available, while paid plans start at $10/month/user. Try any of the paid plans for free for seven days.

How else can Marq help your email marketing

  • Content management: Centralize branded content and manage teams through the Project, Templates, and Image Managers.
  • Integrations and APIs: Use integrations to draw in external assets or export email newsletter designs.
  • Content distribution: Publish newsletter designs to social media, print, publish to the web, or download in HTML.
  • Automated creative workflows: Automate busy work with formulas, functions, Smartfields, Smart Templates, and Dynamic Resize.

11. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office hosts 20 downloadable, free newsletter templates. Access to premium templates requires a paid subscription to Microsoft 365.

Paid plans include both the web and mobile versions of Office apps. The Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, Business Standard, and Business Premium plans include the desktop version.

Microsoft 365 plans start at $6/month/user, billed annually. Try out Microsoft 356 for Business free for one month.

How else can Microsoft Office help your email marketing

  • Business-class email: A professional email account, hosting, and custom domain name
  • File storage and sharing: 1 TB of cloud storage and asset sharing with other subscribers across Office apps
  • Team features: Communication and collaboration across devices and Microsoft apps

12. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital marketing platform. It contains drag-and-drop, Rich Text, and HTML email editors. Access over 40 free, responsive email templates with an account and free plan.

Paid plans start at $25/month for 20,000 emails. All plans include unlimited mailing lists and contacts.

How else can Sendinblue help your email marketing

  • Real-time reporting: Track real-time email performance and customer behavior, making adjustments on the spot.
  • Send time optimization: Send emails at the best time for each recipient.
  • Shared inbox: Consolidate and manage all customer emails in one centralized and organized location.
  • Personalization: Segment recipients into various groups for targeted email marketing, then customize automated marketing journeys.

13. Stripo

Stripo is an email design platform. It houses over 1,050 free, responsive HTML email templates, including 100 AMP templates. It also has free drag-and-drop and HTML email editors for you to create original designs.

Stripo offers a free plan, while paid plans start at $12.50/month, billed annually. Paid plans include email and template sharing, custom fonts, and test emails.

How else can Stripo help your email marketing

  • Export templates: Export your email newsletter designs to 70 different ESPs and email clients.
  • In-editor email translation: Translate HTML email templates into 13 languages, converting LTR text into RTL text as necessary.
  • Brand guidelines: Choose an HTML email template to customize and establish as your email blueprint for future campaigns.
  • Dynamic/real-time content: Add dynamic and real-time content to your emails using AMP templates, so recipients have updated info each time they click.

14. Unlayer

Unlayer is a free drag-and-drop email and landing page editor. It has over 1,000 responsive HTML email newsletter templates and free stock photos. You can also customize the HTML code of your emails instead of using a template.

Paid plans start at $15/month — billed annually — and include premium email templates, custom templates, and exports to ESPs. Try Unlayer Premium for free for 14 days.

How else can Unlayer help your email marketing

  • Integrations: Export your newsletter designs to email marketing providers.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate on newsletter designs with template sharing, real-time feedback, user roles, and permissions.
  • Personalization: Update and personalize emails with dynamic info.

15. Venngage

Venngage is a free infographic maker with over 2,000 graphics and icons and millions of royalty-free stock images. It also has a newsletter creator tool and various newsletter templates.

Paid plans start at $16/month/user — billed annually — and include multiple download formats, premium templates, Smart Features, and Smart Templates. Business and enterprise plans include real-time collaboration and brand kits.

How else can Venngage help your email marketing

  • Design sharing: Share publicly for free, privately with a paid plan, or with your team with the business or enterprise plans.
  • Data imports: Import outside data to add to your newsletter.
  • HTML export: Export to HTML and add to your existing ESP.
  • Collaboration: Get instant feedback, leave comments, and make real-time edits with your team.

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Tiffany Lewis is a SmartBlogger-certified Content Marketer and budding freelance writer. She writes about Faith, Family, Furbabies, and Wellness. Yes, the broken alliteration in that sentence bothers her. Find her on LinkedIn.


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Written by Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany Lewis is a SmartBlogger-certified Content Marketer and budding freelance writer. She writes about Faith, Family, Furbabies, and Wellness. Yes, the broken alliteration in that sentence bothers her. Find her on LinkedIn.

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