7+ Conversion Copywriting Tips: Switch Surfers into Sales (2024)

by Helen Boss


Looking for inspiring ways to use conversion copywriting? 

You’ve heard you can move your website browsers into buyers simply by writing effective copy.

But you’re struggling to understand how to win over visitors quickly, before they leave your site. 

It’s frustrating! 

And, on top of that, it’s leaving you out of pocket.

So, how do you create enough incentive, capture interest, and build desire for your visitor to stay on your page?

We’ve broken down the key elements of conversion copywriting into bite-sized chunks for an easy-to-follow success recipe.

Let’s get started!

8 Conversion Copywriting Tips to Attract More Sales

Statistics state users stay on a web page between 10-20 seconds before they click away. It’s a fraction of time to grab interest and draw them into the meat of your writing.

So, in that fleeting moment, how do you seize their curiosity to explore more? 

By creating a process.

Imagine baking a cake without a recipe. It’s the same thing with marketing copy. Here then, are 8 tips for baking the perfect conversion copywriting ‘cake.’

Tip #1: Clear Objectives for Conversion Copy

picture of copywriting objectives

Searchers are looking to solve a problem. 

They don’t care about you, how many college degrees you’ve got, or if you work for the best company in the world. 

They’re not bothered about anything other than their dilemma and how to fix it fast. If they can’t see immediately, you can give them a solution, they’re off!

But how do you stop their scrolling in those first few seconds of them landing on your page?

Plan Your Post From the Beginning

Start by creating a content brief. This will become the ‘recipe’ for your post. 

By writing a detailed brief, you will be able to identify the key elements necessary to get to the heart of your reader’s problem.

All Smartblogger posts are written using this same outline and include:

  • Searcher intent — What exactly is the searcher wanting to find in your post?
  • Keyword research — What is the best target keyword and secondary keywords to use?
  • Competition — Who is already ranking for the keyword?
  • Success criteria — What is the intended organic page listing, and how long will it take to get there?
  • Post outline — What will the post look like?
  • Word count — How long does the post need to be?
  • Headline — What headline are you going to use?

By constructing this blueprint, you’re already ahead of the game. 

Conversion copy is about excellent research, clear direction, and delivering words your audience expects to see.

Tip #2: Focus on Your Target Audience

picture of copywriting target audience

As we’ve stated earlier, your reader is only interested in getting help with their problem. They are so focused on their issue it’s as if they have blinders on restricting their view. 

Hence the short window of opportunity you have to grab attention and keep them reading your sales copy.

If the opening paragraph doesn’t immediately hook them in, they quickly scroll on to the next website. That’s why your content must be on point instantly.

Empathy: Get to the Heart of the Matter

Often overlooked for its touchy-feely associations, empathy is the way to keep your audience reading. 

Tune in to their pain, and empathize with their problem. Then, draw them into your post with the keywords found in your research.

For instance, this post is all about conversion copywriting. 

But what if you had been searching for how to become a copywriter?

The question suggests a different audience to the one who is searching for persuasion techniques.

Similar words, yet divergent conclusions. And it’s only by understanding your audience, and their problem, you’ll be able to find the words you need to use.

After all, who isn’t won over by someone who appears, as if by magic, to be able to read your mind? 

This is the power of empathy.

Tip #3: Engaging Headlines: 4 Tips to Grab Attention

picture of copywriting headlines

It’s easy to forget your audience first engages with your content the moment they hit search on their query. 

Right away, you’re presented with a host of headlines. It’s the same whether you’re browsing a magazine stand or surfing the net; headlines stand out.

So what makes you click on one and not another?

4 Principles of A Great Headline

A great headline has several important principles. Let’s take you through them one-by-one:

  • Target Key — Chose one keyword or keyword phrase per post. Like your audience, you need to be focused on one problem at a time. 

Also, search engines reward your clarity by promoting your posts!

  • Benefit — A benefit helps the reader decide if the post is going to solve their issue.

Take a look at this headline… 10 Marvelous Copywriting Examples (& Why They Convert)

The benefit is “why they convert.” It’s intriguing. And you find yourself clicking to find out why.

  • Fits Google’s Pixel Count — Here’s a nifty tool to ensure your headline conforms to good SEO practices. Firstly, this provides all your carefully crafted headlines can be read. 

Secondly, it helps more people discover your post, as the search engines boost organic results.

Keep it simple. Which effortlessly brings us to the next key element of conversion copywriting.

Tip #4: Get to the Point with Winning Persuasion Techniques

picture of copywriting notes

In truth, all of the copywriting secrets we’ve shared so far are persuasive copy techniques. They all help to build rapport with your audience and ultimately encourage them to take action.

But it’s the art of moving someone from browser to buyer that often gets a bad rap. Just like that of the used car salesman. 

However, there’s a wealth of difference between being too pushy and not getting the buy-in you need. 

Being able to persuade someone to do something requires them to be onboard with your thoughts.

Or, more accurately, you to be onboard with theirs!

Mirror Language — Attract Fans

By mirroring their language and writing like they talk, your readers will begin to recognize a kindred spirit. 

They will feel they are speaking with someone who really understands their problem.

You might like to try this suggestion to unearth what people are saying… browse Reddit.

A quick search in Reddit for your niche will soon have you discovering an abundance of material. 

Reddit metrics suggest more than 2.8 million topics are discussed on the forum. With around 50 million daily active users, there’s sure to be enough research to keep you up-to-date!

So now we have the material needed to attract your reader. Let’s show you how to write effective copy.

Tip #5: Bite-Sized Chunks of Copywriting Magic

picture of copywriting marketing magic

As the image above shows us, newspapers introduced this simple idea of bite-sized chunks of copywriting a long time ago. Many of the sales techniques used in the industry have since been adopted online.

Using headlines and small blocks of copy help to keep the reader interested and moving on to your next idea. 

They enable your audience to scan-read and decide whether they want to continue reading.

Further help comes when you use subheads, bullet points, and images.

By using these 3 elements in your posts, you’ll be encouraging your reader to spend more time with you. 

And, the more time they are with you, the more likely they will become a buyer.

White Space for Easy Reading

Another tip is to use white space. 

Unlike newspapers, don’t crush all your words into a small spot. Reading online is hard, so give your readers a spa-like experience! 

Split your paragraphs into smaller chunks of writing. 

It may not be what your High School teacher would have approved of, but it helps your website visitors read without undue stress on their eyes. 

Make it easy for them to spend time with you. If they feel relaxed, heard, and supported, they’ll definitely be back for more. 

White space also appeases the seo content gods. 

What’s not to love about Google recognizing great information and rewarding your efforts!

Tip #6: Confident Copy Equals Sales

picture of copywriting sales

Talking of easy, you’ll want to sound confident too, right? 

Because there’s nothing like a little belief to edge your audience toward a buying decision.

They want to be reassured you know what you’re talking about. That you are confident in your subject.

Confident copy comes from the words you use (or don’t use), as we will discover. 

K.I.S.S Technique (Keep It Short & Simple)

You may well have heard the saying less is more. Well, the Keep It Short & Simple technique allows you to stay on track in much the same way.

Here are 3 avoidable mistakes to writing effective copy:

  • Avoid using filler words. These are unnecessary words that creep into our writing. We often aren’t aware they’re there… until pointed out! 

They have a habit of fudging your message, watering down clarity and power.

  • Resist the temptation for overly long paragraphs and sentences. Break them up so they are short and sweet. 

Take a look at how to write a paragraph for ideas. Learn to capture your audience’s attention, rather than bore them rigid.

  • Finally, write clearly. This is harder than you think! It’s easy to get carried away when you know the topic inside out. 

Yet, not everyone reading your work will have your level of knowledge.

One further tip for confident copywriting is to edit ruthlessly. It may sound extreme, but it will improve your work. 

The polish of a well-edited piece of writing shines out like a diamond in a mass of rock. 

Tip #7: Make Your Writing About Them, Not You — Choose Radio WIFIM!

picture of copywriting taking notes

We’ve touched on this subject earlier. However, it’s worth repeating. In order to succeed online, your copy must answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Radio WIFIM (What’s in it for me?) is alive and well within each of us. The radio waves are always tuned into our own unique wavelength. 

Whether deciding what to have for dinner or which website to look at first, we are influenced by these powerful words.

We subconsciously weigh up the pros and cons before deciding which choice to make. 

Although we don’t like to admit it, our emotions channel our decisions. 

By employing empathetic writing, you will appeal to your readers more effectively. 

Your Radio WIIFM Checklist

  • Establish trust — Use the language of your reader
  • Use sensory words — Appeal to their emotions
  • Power words = Persuasion — Sprinkle in magic power words for more emotional buy-in to your message
  • Tell them what to do next — Spell it out for them, don’t hope they’ll take the next steps without direction

Of course, these are only a few steps you might utilize in your conversion copywriting. 

However, if you only remember one thing, Radio WIFIM will stand you in good stead.

By now, your content marketing is beginning to shape up. Whether writing a Facebook ad, blog post, or seo copywriting keep your potential customer in mind.

Read on to unwrap a surprise. This little-known secret will make all the difference to your final post.

Tip #8: Read Out Loud — Your Secret Key to Conversion Copywriting

picture of copywriting reading aloud

Yes, you heard me right! Read your writing out loud. 

It’s the only way you’ll pick up those jarring sentences. Be able to hear the order of things. Give yourself the opportunity to spot any errors.

It’s amazing the difference it makes to the finished copy. It never fails to bring up sections that irritate, or simply don’t seem to flow.

And it’s this elusive flow you’re after. Both from a logical and an ease-of-reading point of view.

The Art of Writing Good Copy — A Skill You Can Cultivate

Looking for more conversion copywriting suggestions to make you a better writer? 

Check out these compelling writing tips, guaranteed to offer you:

  • Writing exercises
  • Power words that pack a punch
  • Transitional words to make your writing flow
  • Editing tips

Put these tips into practice and experience their magic for yourself! Make them a part of your everyday writing, and you’ll soon notice a difference.

Another way to get into the flow is with creative writing prompts.

Short sections of content writing practice work wonders! Why not kick-start your brain into action, so you can create your best work on a daily basis?

However, don’t let copywriting overwhelm you. 

It may seem like a huge hill to climb up first, but you’ll soon get into the swing of things. And you’ll be delighted with the results.

Now It’s Your Turn to Put Conversion Copywriting To Work

Are you ready? 

Because knowledge without application is a waste. You have to put conversion copywriting to work first before reaping the rewards.

Remember the frustration and lack of website visitors we discussed at the beginning?

Well, they won’t thank you for leaving them hanging without solving their problem.

Now, you’ve found ways to entice them with your conversion copy. 

You’ve learned to capture interest, build desire, and get the search engines on your side. 

Put these copywriting tips into practice today. Build your conversion copywriting “cake” and enjoy sharing your appetizing content writing.

Tastes good, doesn’t it?

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Helen Boss

Helen Boss is a freelance copy and content marketer, SEO strategist, and editor. Her love of words started as a child. She could always be found with her nose in a book! Today, Helen combines her love of reading with marketing and sales to deliver copy that converts.


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Photo of author

Written by Helen Boss

Helen Boss is a freelance copy and content marketer, SEO strategist, and editor. Her love of words started as a child. She could always be found with her nose in a book! Today, Helen combines her love of reading with marketing and sales to deliver copy that converts.

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