10+ Best AI SEO Tips (& Tools) to Boost Your Rankings in 2024

by Sarah Cha


Ever felt like the digital world is passing you by? Well, AI SEO can be your secret compass, guiding you toward unprecedented success. 

And you’re not alone in feeling like these tech advancements are a whirlwind. 

“I’m a writer, not a tech whiz,” you might protest. 

But you don’t have to be a tech whiz to make your SEO content and website competitive. Not when you have AI on your side!

In this guide, we’ll demystify AI SEO for you. From smart content creation to lightning-fast ranking, AI can optimize your site like nothing before.

Ready to discover the essential tips and tools that’ll boost your rankings and leave your competitors in the dust?

Let’s dive right in.

Decoding AI SEO

An artificial intelligence (AI) search engine optimization (SEO) tool has the ability to process data like a pro, making lightning-fast decisions and optimizing your content like a dream.

AI is not just robots and self-driving cars. It’s algorithms and systems designed to mimic human intelligence — learning, understanding, and problem-solving. 

Now, mix this tech marvel with SEO, and voila! You’ve got AI SEO — the secret sauce to making your content strategy smart and savvy.

But hold up, isn’t SEO all about keyword research and backlinks?

Well, that’s like saying a pizza is all about dough and tomatoes. There’s so much more to it. 

AI SEO takes your traditional SEO efforts and supercharges them. It’s like having your very own digital marketing superhero.

Why AI SEO Matters

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AI SEO is essential because it brings the power of machine learning and predictive analytics to your digital marketing strategy

It’s all about smart automation, fast ai generated content, and predicting what your target audience wants before they even know it.

For one, AI offers predictive analytics, which makes educated guesses about the future based on past and present data.

Then there’s smart automation, which is like having a personal assistant who knows exactly what to do and when to do it. 

But the real cherry on top is pinpoint accuracy.

With AI SEO, you’re not casting a wide net and hoping to get lucky. You’re precision fishing, knowing exactly where to cast, when to reel in, and what bait to use. 

This is the power of predictive analysis coupled with smart automation, honing in on your target audience’s needs, interests, and behaviors.

So, in a world where everyone’s shouting to be heard, AI SEO helps ensure you’re saying the right things at the right time to the right people. 

10 Practical Ways to Leverage AI SEO

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So now, you’re probably thinking, “Sounds great, but how do I use AI SEO?” Fear not, we’ve got your back…

1. Opportunity Discovery

Just like an eagle-eyed treasure hunter, AI SEO can help you spot golden opportunities.

You’re basically predicting search trends, digging out hidden long-tail keywords, and identifying content gaps — all thanks to the magic of AI.

2. Content Creation

AI in content creation is like having a Shakespearean bard at your service. Okay, maybe not Shakespearean, but you get the point.

AI can suggest content ideas, help with tone and style in a blog post, and even ensure you hit the right keywords.

3. Content Optimization

Ever wished for a magic wand to make your content just right? Well, AI SEO is your magic wand.

It can suggest improvements, help with a meta description, and ensure your content strategy is perfectly tuned for your audience and search engines.

4. Voice Search & User Experience

With more people talking to their devices (Hello, Siri!), optimizing for voice search is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

AI SEO can help you optimize your content for voice search, improving user experience and keeping you ahead of the curve.

5. Multilingual Translation

Going global with your content? AI can assist with multilingual SEO, helping your site rank across different languages and regions.

Think of it as your in-house translator who knows just the right local phrase that resonates with your international audience.

6. Local SEO

AI SEO isn’t just about the global stage, it’s got some serious local chops too. Using AI, you can drill down into local SEO, customizing your content to fit your local scene.

For instance, an AI SEO tool might identify a spike in “vegan bakeries near me” searches in your area. With this insight, you could create localized content around vegan bakery offerings, giving your website a clear edge in local search results.

7. Image & Video SEO

Given the surge in visual content, AI SEO can be critical in optimizing your images and videos. Ever struggled with alt text for images or metadata for videos?

AI can automate these tasks while ensuring they’re optimized for search.

For instance, it can analyze an image of a sunset on a beach and generate an appropriate alt text like “sunset on a tropical beach with palm silhouettes”.

8. Link Building

Backlinks are SEO gold, and AI can help you strike it rich.


By identifying potential backlink opportunities and assessing the quality of these prospective links.

Instead of spending hours sifting through potential backlink sites, an AI SEO tool could provide a curated list of high-authority sites relevant to your SEO content. It’s like having a dedicated prospector in the vast mine of the internet.

9. Data Analytics

All this AI SEO work would be for naught if you can’t measure its effectiveness, right? Enter AI-powered analytics.

With AI, you can track your SEO performance, make sense of huge data sets, and derive actionable insights.

For example, AI can track which keywords are driving traffic, assess bounce rates, and even predict future trends. It’s like having your own crystal ball for SEO.

10. Predictive SEO

Think of AI as your own digital oracle, capable of predicting the future (of search trends, at least).

It can analyze patterns, identify upcoming search trends, and even forecast the popularity of certain keywords.

Say, for instance, there’s a growing buzz around a new superfood.

AI tools can identify this trend early, allowing you to create content around it before your competitors.

The Best AI SEO Tools for Boosting Your Rankings

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Now that you’ve seen what AI can do with SEO, how exactly does all of this work? What AI tools can you use to boost your rankings? Let’s take a look…


Meet Jasper, your digital marketing concierge. Picture having a personal assistant that dives into the sea of keyword research, identifies the gems, and suggests content that shines.

With Jasper, you’re unlocking insights into your audience’s language, guiding your AI content to resonate, connect, and attract clicks. It’s like whispering sweet nothings in the ears of search engines.

Alli AI

With Alli AI, you’re stepping into a digital marketing command center. Its versatility tackles everything from building an SEO strategy to ensuring your site’s optimization is on point.

Imagine having a Swiss Army knife, but instead of blades and tools, you’ve got data-driven strategies and actionable insights at your fingertips. It’s like having a seasoned SEO strategist in your pocket.

Pro Rank Tracker

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Think of Pro Rank Tracker as your website’s personal fitness tracker. It monitors your SEO progress, tracking keywords and website rankings.

Its real-time data and insightful reports are like having a bird’s eye view of your digital territory. It’s your website’s fitness coach, urging you towards SEO success.

Surfer SEO

Ride the SEO wave with Surfer SEO. It’s your surfboard, helping you glide effortlessly over the SEO sea.

Picture a AI SEO tool that makes your content stand tall, flaunting its optimization, and beckoning to both readers and search engines. It’s your content’s personal trainer, pushing you towards a higher SERP rank.


With Diib, you’ve got your website’s personal physician. Diib diagnoses your site’s health, spotting issues that could be pulling your SEO rank down, and prescribing actionable fixes.

It’s like having a health tracker for your website, keeping it running smooth and fast, ready to outpace competitors.


Meet Frase, your buddy in the world of AI content creation. It’s like having a brainstorming partner that pulls up the best topic research, crafts content briefs, and even hosts a real-time Q&A with your audience.

It’s like a fountain of creativity and insights, priming your content to engage and rank.


Welcome INK, your SEO editor extraordinaire. Picture having an eagle-eyed editor, fine-tuning your content’s readability, optimizing keyword density, and verifying relevance.

It’s like having a seasoned editor and SEO expert in one, polishing your content until it shines on the SERPs.


Step into your digital war room with SEMrush. From dissecting keyword analytics, performing site audits to spying on your competitors, it provides a panoramic view of the battlefield.

It’s like your personal SEO scout, feeding you insights and strategies to conquer the digital landscape.


Let RankIQ be your SEO strategist. It’s like having a librarian who not only knows the top-performing content in your niche but also hands you a blueprint to replicate their success.

It’s your secret weapon, arming your blogs to rank high and capture attention.

The Future of AI SEO

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The next generation of AI SEO tools is evolving to go light-years beyond what we see today.

Imagine AI tools that not only suggest keywords but also craft entire content strategies tailored to your specific audience. 

Or systems that can detect and adapt to algorithm changes almost instantaneously, keeping your SEO strategy on its toes.

And with AI learning more about individual search patterns, you’ll be able to create content that hits the sweet spot for each person, right when they want it. 

In other words, we’re on the brink of an AI SEO revolution. 

It’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’. And that ‘when’ is coming sooner than you think. 

So, let’s ride this wave, seize these opportunities, and get set to shape the future of digital marketing. 

Your AI Adventure Awaits

You might be thinking, “Can I really master this AI SEO thing?” 

But here’s the scoop: you’ve got all the tools and tips you need, right at your fingertips. 

Embrace this digital revolution and let your content shine. 

Remember, you’re not just keeping pace with the tech world; you’re leading the charge. It’s your time to stand tall and make waves. 

Ready to grab that spotlight? You got this!


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Sarah Cha is an avid writer, reader, and lifelong learner who loves making magic behind-the-scenes at Smart Blogger. When she's not wrangling words onto a screen or page, you can find her strumming a guitar, tickling a canvas, or playing fetch with her favorite four-footed friend!


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Photo of author

Written by Sarah Cha

Sarah Cha is an avid writer, reader, and lifelong learner who loves making magic behind-the-scenes at Smart Blogger. When she's not wrangling words onto a screen or page, you can find her strumming a guitar, tickling a canvas, or playing fetch with her favorite four-footed friend!

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