7+ Best Writing Retreats for 2024 (In Person & Online)

by Kris Freeman


Writing retreats are back on the calendar!

With the pandemic appearing in the rear-view mirror for most of us, we’re greeted with more options to attend retreats that appeal to any writer. 

Are you looking to travel domestically or internationally for a retreat?

Are you staying at home and looking for a retreat?

We have you covered! 

This post will surely meet you with a writer’s retreat that works for your budget, even if you’re stuck at home.

So let’s dive in and plan your next writer’s getaway!

What Are Writing Retreats?

Writing retreats fall somewhere between a writing session and writing residencies.

Writing residencies often suggest writing in solitude in a tranquil place — while a writing session offers a more regimented schedule complete with networking and lecture opportunities.

A writing retreat takes the best of both worlds combining beautiful serene locations with the intimacy of connecting with other writers and bloggers for support.

How and Why Writing Retreats Enrich Your Writing Career 

The benefits of writing retreats include the following;

  • Transformative experiences that open you up to new possibilities
  • The distraction-free dedicated space in which to write — freeing you from your everyday life and to-do-list
  • There are no more excuses; you’re writers here and committed to doing this for you and completing your writing project.
  • The retreat becomes your escape from reality.
  • Spending time sharing with other fellow writers begins to create an intimate writing community.
  • New habits, friends, and connections can create new bonds that last a lifetime.

Ultimately, a writing retreat has you returning to your life refreshed and ready to write with more enthusiasm.

Our Top 3 Picks for Writing Retreats in North America

Travelling abroad may not be for everyone, so we’ve compiled this upcoming events list of top writing retreats in North America.

1. Writers Who Run — Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

Writers Who Run — Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

Writers Who Run is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and as the name suggests, this retreat caters to writers who are also avid runners.

Learning about the art of creative writing in a creative environment requires a combination of planned social activities and a special writing group workshop designed to hone your writing skills. 

Most importantly, while on this 7-day retreat, you’ll have dedicated time daily to write — a habit the writing center hopes you’ll bring back to your daily life.


  • July 10-16


  • 7 days


  • Basic Writer ($2,125)
  • Advanced Writer ($2,525)
  • Super Awesome Author ($3,125)

All packages include food, lodging, daily runs, a writing group workshop, social events, and race entry.

2. Rekindle Retreat — Juneau, Alaska

Rekindle Retreat — Juneau, Alaska

The Rekindle Retreat is a writing retreat hosted by the Lighthouse Writer’syou’ll Workshop. 

Featured highlights of this retreat include dedicated writing time, local exploration, manuscript feedback from seasoned writers, and connections with other writers to develop your writing progress.

The daily workshops are at the historic Baranof Hotel. It’s close to all the action — including the nearby city capital, coffee shops, restaurants, watering holes, library, beach, and hiking trails.

Some daily activities in Juneau may include:

  • An optional creative writing-centric Juneau activity, either in the morning or afternoon
  • Meals on your own or at a scheduled restaurant for the group
  • After-dinner social/cocktail hour with friends or colleagues
  • Meetings and manuscript review with instructors


  • End of May


  • TBD


  • Pricing and other details will be available in the fall.

3. Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway — Atlantic City, New Jersey

Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway — Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway is a participant-focused writers’ conference.

The getaway boasts challenging and supportive workshops, insightful feedback, and a supportive community. This retreat space has something for everyone, with a wide array of workshops for various creative writing genres, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, songwriting, and more.

One unique aspect of this creative writing retreat is focusing on the writing process versus listening. Most workshops are limited to 10 or fewer participants offering a small group intensive focus.


  • January 13-16


  • 3 days


The Wide, Wide, World: Global Writing Retreats

Do you have your passport updated and ready to go? 

Let’s see if one of these globe trekking future retreats catches your eye and inspires you to write.

4. Writeaway — Champtoce-Sur-Loire

Writeaway — Champtoce-Sur-Loire

The Writeaway retreat at the Chateau du Pin (a castle in France) is an idyllic location to immerse yourself in all things writing and inspire your inner muse.

At the Chateau, your hosts, John and Mimi, will greet you, providing all your literary needs and beyond. Finding a secluded writing nook on this 300-acre estate won’t be hard.


  • June 30 – July 7, & July 8-15


  • 1 week or 2 weeks (choose to attend one or both weeks)


  • $4,950 for a single room, $2,350 each for friends or couples sharing a room for a single week.
  • $2,750 for a single room, $4,400 each for friends or couples sharing a room for both weeks/15 days.

5. Writers’ Retreat — Cape Town, Africa

Writers' Retreat — Cape Town, Africa

The Writers’ Room team takes a full immersion writing retreat every year. All writers at any level are welcome, including authors, poets, graduate students and scholars!

The retreat is located outside Cape Town in a small coastal village at Hout Bay. The host, Sarah Bullen, is a writing coach and literary agent.


  • 23-27 November — Hout Bay, Cape Town
  • ​8-12 February — McGregor, Western Cape
  • 28-30 April — McGregor, Western Cape


  • 3 -5 days, depending on the dates


  • R5,000 for the November and February retreats (approx $275 US)
  • R3,900 for the April retreat (approx $215 US)

6. Iceland Writers Retreat — Reykjavik, Iceland

The Iceland Writers Retreat (IWR) is a series of workshops and panels led by an impressive team of international writers. Each of their featured authors will be teaching two different workshops.

Participants can expect the IWR to host intimate workshops and lectures. They will include tours to the spectacular Golden Circle, cozy cafes of Reykjavik, geothermal hot springs, Icelandic music, contemporary Icelandic writers, and the rich culture of Iceland. 

You’ll also be given dedicated blocks of time to work on your writing goals.


  • April 26 – 30


  • 5 days


  • ISK 280,000 per person (approx $2,060 US)

Online Retreats for Writers Who Prefer the Comfort of Home

Is creating a staycation writer’s retreat more your speed? Then check out the following online personal retreats to get your creative juices flowing.

7. The Stay at Home Writing Retreat

Online Retreats for Writers Who Prefer the Comfort of Home

The Stay at Home Writing Retreat is a weekend experience. 

On Friday night, you gather for a 2-hour session to meet the other participants. You’ll set the ground rules during this meet and greet and share your writing with the group.

On Saturday, you’ll participate in creativity-waking exercises like: “what wants to be written now?”

Then you’ll engage in more extended writing practice until stepping back fully in the evening to write and emerge Sunday morning.


  • November 25 – 27


  • 3 days


  • $525 ($175 deposit when you register & $350 a week later)

8. 2024 Writer’s Retreat YACPA

The 2023 Writers Retreat hosted by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) — is a virtual retreat centred around the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization. 

The ACPA’s mission is to help others understand that racist and settler colonial schooling has made it challenging for those with a voice to be heard.

This retreat offers community writing opportunities, individual and group coaching, and support from an experienced facilitator; in writing retreat settings, writing groups, workshops, and publishing possibilities within ACPA.


  • January 3-6


  • 4 days


  • $249 for members
  • $349 for non-members (membership saves $100)

9. Composed at Home Online Writing Retreat

Composed at Home Online Writing Retreat

Composed at Home Online Writing Retreat incorporates a systematic creative process that allows you to bust through your emotional writing blocks every time you write.

This online personal writing retreat serves writers who are:

  • Easily overwhelmed with doubt
  • Worried about the slowness of their writing
  • Have difficulty designating sacred writing space
  • Struggle to stay focused amidst the distractions
  • Tired of feeling not good enough 
  • Want to fall back in love with writing again 
  • Longing for a community of support and writer camaraderie


  • June 4-9


  • 5 & 1/2 days


  • $3,450 (Early Bird Price $2,950 available until November 18)

3 Ways to Host Your Own Writing Retreat

Is going to a writer’s retreat or attending an online retreat out of the question right now?

But are you still craving a legit getaway? 

Check out the following three examples to turn your ordinary writing nook into a retreat to re-energize your creative flow.

Simple Staycation

Writers don’t take authentic vacations; however, what if you took a break from the same old writing space using some of these tips?

  • Set the mood with a theme (Hawaiian, Spanish, Christmas in July)
  • Relocate to a different part of your residence (Set up an office in the garage)
  • Redecorate (change lighting, wall color, or add a fountain)

A Writer’s Traveling Tool Kit

Designate a backpack, briefcase, or even a sturdy shopping bag to house everything you’ll need to write from a coffee shop, friend’s house, library, etc.

When the mood strikes, you’re better equipped to jump ship and write from an offsite location.

Writer’s Will Wander

Writers can change the scenery by booking a cozy getaway with an Airbnb or similar service that allows them to exit their typical digs. 

And if you’re longing for company, invite some writing friends and turn it into your own writer’s retreat.

Writing Retreats For Every Writer

With the world moving forward, now is your time to refresh your writing career or hobby.

Those old excuses you used to hijack your love of writing are no longer valid against this realizable list of writing retreats.

It eliminates the excuses for not writing. 

No matter your budget or time, a writers’ retreat is possible.

So put on your warm fuzzy socks or sombrero, and imagine yourself writing in a location that inspires your inner muse.

Time to plan your writing retreat!

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Written by Kris Freeman

A certified content marketer, SEO strategist, and copy editor with Smart Blogger, Kris Freeman, knows how to please the ‘Google gods’ so that your content gets noticed, adds value to your audience, and starts to rank in Google. To see more of Kris's work check out her portfolio or sign up for her blog at the self-kindness experiment.

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