25+ Catchy Company Slogans (& Taglines) for Inspiration in 2024

by Kyle Chastain


It’s crazy crowded out there in the business world.

But have you ever noticed how a catchy company slogan or tagline can really make a brand stand out? 

Slogans can make your brand unforgettable, searing your company’s essence in customers’ minds and hearts. 

Think about it. Isn’t “Can you hear me now?” synonymous with Verizon, or “Got Milk?” immediately remind you of, well… milk? 

These aren’t accidents.

They’re well-crafted, strategic branding tools in marketing. An they’re designed to attract attention, build trust, and, ultimately, drive business growth.

So, how do they do it? What’s the secret sauce that makes these taglines resonate with consumers on such a deep level? 

Well, we’ve put together a list of extremely catchy company slogans and taglines for you. As a bonus, we’ll highlight the strategies behind their brilliance. 

Ready to create a great slogan that sticks? 

What is a Slogan, Anyway?

Hang on, let’s hit the brakes for a sec. We’ve been throwing around this term “slogan” like confetti at a parade. 

But what is a slogan, really?

Well, the dictionary definition is:

“A brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising or promotion.”

It’s also:

“A war cry especially of a Scottish clan.”

But that’s a different story.

A slogan is a snappy, punchy phrase that latches onto your memory and refuses to let go. 

Think of it as the one-liner in the branding world. Your brand’s soul compressed into a few words.

A killer brand slogan isn’t just catchy. It’s a storyteller, weaving the essence of your brand into a handful of carefully chosen words. It’s a spotlight, illuminating your brand’s unique selling points and enhancing brand awareness

And when it hits just right, it’s pure magic.

But before you start throwing catchy words together or dive into a slogan idea, you need to consider what goes into an effective slogan.

Ingredients of a Catchy Slogan

You’re probably thinking, “What goes into creating a famous slogan?” Well, several things. 

Here are the key ingredients that many big brands use to create the perfect slogan for their target audience:

1. Brevity

A brand slogan is like a punchline in a joke. It needs to be succinct to deliver the impact, yet detailed enough to convey the meaning. Take KFC’s “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” — short, sweet, and oh-so-memorable.

2. Uniqueness

Stand out from the crowd. Your slogan or tagline should be a perfect reflection of your unique brand. Take De Beers’ “A Diamond Is Forever” — it screams luxury and commitment.

3. Honesty

Don’t over-promise and under-deliver. Your slogan should match what your company delivers. Look at M&M’s: “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.”

4. Timelessness

A great brand slogan stands the test of time. It evolves with your brand but remains true to its roots. Consider McDonald’s timeless “I’m Lovin’ It.”

5. Emotion

Your slogan should make your customers feel something. Think Dove’s “Real Beauty” — it strikes a chord, right?

Follow these steps, and you’re on your way to creating a slogan that sticks!

The Difference Between Slogans and Taglines

Alright, let’s untangle this spaghetti bowl of jargon. We’re talking all about slogans and taglines in this post… 

But what’s the difference? 

Are they twins, or more like distant cousins? Let’s break it down.

First up, Taglines.

Think of a tagline as your brand’s handshake. It’s a short, punchy phrase that introduces your brand to the world.

It’s about your company’s identity, not a specific product

Taglines aim to leave a lasting impression that’ll stick in people’s minds even after the conversation’s over. 

Take Nike’s “Just Do It” — it’s about Nike’s spirit, not a specific pair of shoes.

Now, Slogans

Slogans are like the flavor of the month. They’re typically tied to a specific marketing campaign or a particular product. They change more frequently than taglines, reflecting the shifting focus of your marketing strategy. 

Remember Apple’s “Think Different” campaign? That was a slogan, my friend.

So, taglines and slogans are related — both are vital tools in your brand’s communication toolbox. But they’ve got distinct roles to play. 

Taglines are your forever buddies, all about your overarching brand identity. Slogans are your here-and-now pals, tied to a specific product or campaign.

Now you’re ready for the good stuff.

27 Effective Slogans and Taglines (& Why They Work)

mcdonald's food piled on a tray and ready to eat

You’ll probably recognize many of these — but that’s okay. It just means these slogans and taglines are so good, they’ve become a part of our cultural language. 

Let’s see what makes them stick…

1. “Just Do It” — Nike

The obvious place to start. This business slogan works because it’s a powerful call to action. It’s not specifically about shoes or sports gear, but about determination and taking action. It appeals to the competitive spirit in everyone.

2. “I’m Lovin’ It” — McDonald’s

The charm lies in its simplicity and relatability. Everyone has experienced enjoying a meal. It resonates emotionally, triggering memories of Happy Meals enjoyed.

3. “Think Different” — Apple

This slogan works because it separates Apple from the crowd. In an industry dominated by conventional thinking, they’re rebels. It highlights their innovation.

The advertising slogan also appeals to consumers who appreciate unique and creative technology solutions.

4. “Because You’re Worth It” — L’Oreal

This slogan connects personally and emotionally. It speaks to self-worth and self-care, essential aspects of beauty.

It’s a gentle nudge reminding customers to indulge themselves.

5. “Taste the Rainbow” — Skittles

This slogan engages the imagination, drawing a vibrant picture.

The suggestion of variety and an adventurous taste journey makes Skittles all the more intriguing.

6. “Save Money. Live Better.” — Walmart

This is a simple message of Walmart’s value proposition.

It provides customers with a promise of not just low prices, but an improved quality of life.

7. “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand” — M&Ms

This slogan cleverly highlights a key product feature.

It adds a playful twist to the product’s convenience.

8. “Every Little Helps” — Tesco

It’s powerful when you can connect to your customer’s desire to make economical choices.

It subtly assures customers that shopping with Tesco contributes to their savings.

9. “Finger Lickin’ Good” — KFC

woman smiling as she eats kfc

A vibrant expression of the product’s desirability.

It vividly describes the deliciousness of KFC’s offerings, making it an irresistible proposition.

10. “Impossible is Nothing” — Adidas

You can’t go wrong when you motivate and inspire.

This slogan aligns with the brand’s mission to enable athletes to overcome challenges. 

11. “The Happiest Place on Earth” — Disney

People will buy happiness. This slogan works as it directly appeals to emotions.

It conjures images of joy, fun, and relaxation, promising an escape from everyday worries.

12. “Can You Hear Me Now?” — Verizon

A smart way to stress Verizon’s superior network coverage.

It’s memorable because of its casual, conversational tone.

13. “Open Happiness” — Coca Cola

This slogan taps into the emotional benefits of consuming Coke.

It promotes the drink as more than a beverage, but a key to joy.

14. “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” — Rice Krispies

Remember, learning about onomatopoeia in school? Here it is on full display.

Rice Krispies uses it to create a memorable auditory experience, connecting customers to the product even when they aren’t engaged with it.

15. “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One” — Lay’s

A playful challenge that peaks curiosity and stirs a competitive spirit.

It also subtly suggests the irresistibility of the product.

16. “Good to the Last Drop” — Maxwell House

close-up of delicious roasted coffee beans

Fun fact: Theodore Roosevelt invented this slogan! It shows the high quality and irresistible taste of their coffee.

It promises the product’s consistent goodness, even down to the very last drop.

17. “Don’t Leave Home Without It” — American Express

This slogan presents their card as essential.

It subtly implies the benefits of convenience and security that their product offers.

18. “Red Bull Gives You Wings” — Red Bull

An imaginative slogan promising the exhilaration of energy and freedom.

It embodies the brand’s energetic spirit.

19. “When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight” — FedEx

This slogan assures reliability and fast delivery.

It’s a clear promise of the brand’s commitment to speed and efficiency.

20. “We Try Harder” — Avis

Avis’ slogan highlights their commitment to customer satisfaction.

It shows their continuous effort to improve and deliver better service.

21. “It’s the Real Thing” — Coca-Cola

bottle and can of coca-cola on yellow background

Okay, we put Coke on here twice. But there’s a reason their advertising always stands out.

This slogan asserts the brand’s authenticity. It suggests a genuine, unmatched experience.

And honestly, anyone who’s ever tried a knock-off of Coke understands exactly what they’re talking about.

22. “Have It Your Way” — Burger King

Burger King emphasizes customer preference, and our inner desire to get what we want.

It promises a personalized experience, catering to individual tastes.

23. “It Gives You Wiiiings!” — Red Bull

This slogan works because it suggests a tangible, positive outcome from drinking Red Bull — a surge of energy.

It appeals to those looking for a boost in their day.

24. “Keeps Going and Going and Going” — Energizer

A perfect descriptor of the product’s long-lasting nature.

It assures the consumer of the brand’s reliability and endurance.

25. “The Best a Man Can Get” — Gillette

This slogan appeals to aspirations.

It shows that their product is the top choice for men striving for the best grooming experience.

26. “Coloring Outside the Lines” — ScribbleBox Crayons

This slogan embraces creativity and individuality. It encourages users to challenge the norms and let their imagination run wild — precisely what you’d want from a pack of vibrant crayons.

It’s the ultimate nod to artistic freedom.

27. “Unleashing Taste, Byte by Byte” — TechBite Gourmet Delivery

This slogan cleverly plays with tech lingo. It also highlights the brand’s unique proposition — gourmet food delivered precisely and quickly. It promises an exploration of flavors, delivered efficiently, mirroring the digital world’s pace.

For a food delivery service targeting tech-savvy foodies, this hits the nail on the head.

The Impact of Catchy Company Slogan

Okay, we get it. 

Crafting a memorable slogan feels like catching lightning in a bottle, right? 

It’s tough. No two ways about it.

But remember this — you’ve just walked through a hall of fame featuring power-packed slogans, each a testament to creativity, simplicity, and sheer brilliance.

Take a moment, breathe in their genius, and know you’ve got this! 

So go on, put that pen to paper, let your creative juices flow, and crate your perfect slogan!

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After spending several years in the banking world, Kyle Chastain ditched the tie, button-down, and grumpy clients to work from home in whatever he pleases. He has two small boys and, and as much as he loves working at Smart Blogger, his favorite job is being a dad and husband.


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Photo of author

Written by Kyle Chastain

After spending several years in the banking world, Kyle Chastain ditched the tie, button-down, and grumpy clients to work from home in whatever he pleases. He has two small boys and, and as much as he loves working at Smart Blogger, his favorite job is being a dad and husband.

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