The Brad Pitt School of Blogging Superstardom

The Brad Pitt School of Blogging Superstardom

Let me ask you a question…

Do you think people would pay Brad Pitt $1,000 to fix a toilet?

Of course they would.

Because he’s Brad Pitt.

It doesn’t even matter if Brad knows how to fix a toilet. He’s Brad Freakin’ Pitt.

Thousands of people would pay simply to have him hang out in their bathrooms — and, honestly, probably break their toilets even further. They’d pay because Brad is famous, and fame makes us like people.

When we like people, we want to be around them… and then, if those likable people have products and services, we want to work with them and buy things from them. More

5 Steps to Creating an Everlasting Gobstopper of Traffic

5 Steps to Creating an Everlasting Gobstopper of Traffic

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Traffic that never runs out, just as the fictional candy never ran out in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Too bad it’s impossible.

Or is it?

Well, consider the evidence:

It happened here with our illustrious Jon Morrow. It happened here with Jennifer Gresham. It happened here with Corbett Barr.

In fact, you’ll find examples of it all over the web. Most popular bloggers can point to a handful of posts that people never stop talking about, that never stop getting traffic, and that never stop bringing them new fans. Traffic shot up, and it never quite came back down.

And the really good news?

The same thing can happen to you. Let’s talk about how… More

Why Your Blog Is Going Nowhere (and the Truth about Getting Traffic)

Why Your Blog Is Going Nowhere (and the Truth about Getting Traffic)

Note from Jon: This is a post by Johnny B. Truant. Aside from being a close friend, he’s also one hell of a writer, and I don’t say that lightly. You should listen to everything he says, both here. In fact, do yourself a favor and grab his How to Be Legendary e-book. It’s free, and you can dissect everything he’s doing to learn the proper way to succeed online. Worth every minute.

Ever feel like your blog is stuck in quicksand?

You’re writing lots of posts. You’re promoting them. You’re responding to each and every commenter like they’re your best friend.

But it’s not working. The more you work, the harder you struggle, the deeper you sink.


Well, it might be a little tough to swallow, but here you go:

You could suck at writing.

That’s not the only reason people fail. Some people are just lazy, thinking it’s going to happen without doing any work. Other people never learn how to promote their posts. Still others are totally anonymous, and they need to improve their connections before they can succeed.

But there are also bloggers who do all of that right, and they’re still stuck.

They are working their butts off, doing everything imaginable to promote their blogs, and they’re even networking masters who know everybody, but they’re still failing. And it’s because they suck at writing.

Think about that for a second.

You build it and they come … but it sucks, so they leave.

And another potentially great blog bites the dust. More

12 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look like a World-Class Idiot

12 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look like a World-Class Idiot

It can happen, you know.

One day, you’re enthralled with a new idea for a post, so you whip it up and publish it to your blog, sure it’s going to get people buzzing all around the blogosphere.

But that’s not what happens. Instead, your world explodes in an inferno of criticism.

Angry comments. Hate email. Losing hundreds of friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Or even worse?

People just write you off. They see your post and think, “This person is an idiot,” and they resolve to ignore anything you say until the day you die.

Of course, that’ll never happen to you, right? More

The CSI Guide to Finding Your Next Killer Idea – A Guide for Bloggers

The CSI Guide to Finding Your Next Killer Idea – A Guide for Bloggers

You know how it is…

Your blog post is well overdue. You sense your readers are waiting, but you can’t come up with anything fresh to offer them.

You’ve been writing for so long about the same topics, you just can’t think of anything new to say. It’s kind of like you’ve reached the bottom of the well, and now all that’s coming up is mud.

To cap it all, when you do get a cool idea, something that sounds fun to write about, you look around and discover an A-lister just delivered the final word on it. Doh.

Frustrated, you decide to flip on the old boob tube and relax for a bit. Maybe inspiration will strike while you’re watching the latest episode of CSI…

Sounds unlikely, right?

Well, I would’ve thought so, too, but that’s exactly what I did the other night, and I noticed something surprising. More