13 Authority Hacks That Give You Instant Expert Status Online

13 Authority Hacks That Give You Instant Expert Status Online

He falls to one knee, gripping his chest. Like a brush fire, the news spreads through the crowd, causing confusion and fear.

Then three words are spoken – and panic is replaced by calm.

“I’m a doctor.”

The crowd parts to give the obvious expert space to work, ready and willing to follow instructions from the one person in the room who seems to know what to do.

This is the power of authority. It attracts attention, communicates credibility, and inspires action.

And as a blogger, you need it now more than ever.

You’re not trying to get attention in a room of 100; you’re clawing for attention in a room of 10,000,000. Every day, people are bombarded with dozens of new emails, hundreds of social media updates, countless videos and an endless stream of podcasts to consume.

It’s a noisy world. Without authority, your voice is a whisper, almost impossible to hear over everyone else. But as a recognized expert, you don’t have to shout, because people come to you. They seek you out, join your world, and consume everything you have to offer.

It’s good to have authority.

Yet how do you get it? How do you go from being just another blogger to becoming one of the obvious authorities?

Though it might seem like a mystery, it’s actually a science. If you know the right shortcuts, you can set off a psychological chain reaction that positions you as the respected source in your field.