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Smart Blogger is the brainchild of Jon Morrow and operated under the name of Boost Blog Traffic until last year. Both names are synonymous with some of the best training available for learning how to drive traffic to your website and springboard your visibility through writing.

Our company is growing fast and we’re currently seeking to expand our core team. If you’re passionate about blogging and/or online business, want to work with a team of talented, dedicated people, and like the sound of a 100% remote working role, check out the positions below.

Current Positions Available

Marketing Automation Specialist

Are you the kind of person who geeks out over a good flowchart?

Do you actually enjoy crunching numbers in Excel spreadsheets?

Maybe you even tinker with HTML and JavaScript now and again, just for fun?

Yes on all three? Well then, we might just want to offer you a job. 🙂

Behind the scenes, Smart Blogger does some incredibly sophisticated marketing. Hundreds of thousands of contacts, millions of emails, a small fortune on the line each and every week.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of it runs on autopilot. Using a suite of automation tools, we’ve built a “machine” that produces seven figures a year in revenue.

And if you’re the right sort of person, we might be interested in hiring you to maintain and refine it for us.

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Online Course Assistant

Remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where the curtain is pulled back to reveal a spectacled dude feverishly pulling the levers that made the Wizard fearsome?

That would be you, Smart Blogger’s own backend digital wizard. You make voices and videos appear as if out of thin air, make sure the system sends students their email reminders and love notes on time and make sure all course materials are magically in the right place at the right time.

If you have a high affinity for detail, a knack for tech stuff and project management, and can juggle multiple balls at the same time while playing three-dimensional chess, you may be perfect for this job.

You’ll need to be based in the US, have an up-to-date (3 years old or newer) Windows or Mac OS-based computer and a fast, reliable internet connection.

Are you the sort of person who would enjoy handling the technical behind-the-scenes administrative duties for Smart Blogger courses, and events?

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