Bold promise, right?

But here’s the thing:

I’m not saying I can help you write a best-selling novel, become a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, or write beautiful songs. I know jack squat about those types of writing.

But if you want to write for online magazines like Forbes?

Or you want to build a popular blog of your own?

Or maybe you just want to build your credibility writing for sites like Medium or LinkedIn?

In any of those cases, I can teach you more than anyone.

As best I can tell, the writers I’ve taught have reached over 200 million people. Many of them have their own blogs, but hundreds have also gone on to get published on sites like Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Lifehacker.

Here’s just one example:

I could show you hundreds of screenshots just like that one on pretty much every major magazine and blog in existence.

And let’s be clear…

These weren’t professional writers with years of experience and tons of credentials. Many of them were total beginners who’d never published anything anywhere.

So, when I say I can make you one of the top writers online, I’m not guessing. I’ve already done it with other people. You’re just next in line.

And the home-study system I’m making available today is going to make it easier than ever before.

It’s Yours: A Step-By-Step System for Writing Brilliant Posts

Would you believe me if I said I could make writing brilliant posts as simple as cooking a batch of chocolate chip cookies?


I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t believe me either.

But that’s exactly what we’ve created.

Granted, our recipes are a LOT more complicated than just opening a can of cookie dough and baking it up, but the idea is the same. For the first time, we’re giving you step-by-step directions showing you exactly how to write posts people love.

Take a look at this to see what I mean:

Pretty amazing, right?

And not only that, we’ve expanded and refined the recipes based on feedback from the charter group of students who’ve spent the last year road-testing the program.

Each recipe includes:

  • Links to a library of successful real-world post examples you can model, giving you lots of ideas for how to write your own post.
  • In-depth guidance on how to choose a topic for your post, so you never have to wonder what to write about.
  • Headline templates written specifically for each type of post. All you have to do is fill in the blank, and you’ll have a great headline ready to go in no time.
  • Step-by-step advice for outlining your post, so you know what all of the pieces will be before you even start.
  • Templates for different types of openings, main points, closings, all drawn from successful posts published on popular sites.
  • A downloadable PDF checklist you can keep in front of you as you write.
  • Specific advice on steps to take after you publish to help make your post even more popular.
  • Lots of insider tips on how to make your post even more memorable and shareable.

This collection of recipes are the most detailed guides you’ll find anywhere for writing every imaginable type of article or blog post.

Can you imagine how much that’s going to change the writing process for you?

You won’t wonder what to write about. You won’t struggle to write those first few paragraphs. You won’t worry about whether or not your post has what it takes to get traffic or make your audience fall in love with you.

You’ll know.

You’ll also have the confidence to move forward because you'll know all the directions you're following were prepared by a “master chef.”

This program has changed everything for writers and bloggers who want to up their game. It takes all the guesswork out of writing popular posts.

And the crazy thing?

It’s only part of what I’m offering you today.

Let’s take a look at the next piece…

It’s Yours: The Most Comprehensive Writing Course Ever Created

For years now, people have asked me to teach a course on writing.

And well…

It’s finally here. :-)

Where the “Recipe Box” gives you all the tricks and templates, the writing course gives you the skills to become a truly elite writer. To go back to our cooking metaphor, it’s like your own personal chef school with Emeril Lagasse.

Take a look:

We start with the fundamentals, slowly progressing to more and more advanced topics. By the time we finish, you’ll have all the important skills to become one of the top writers online.

Here are the lessons for easy reference:

Learn why you should match the recipe to the "occasion" and peek inside the recipe box.

Find out how to avoid this common mistake and learn the web's most popular "cuisines."

Learn to uncover the secret "obsessions" that drive your readers' interests online.

Learn how to choose a topic your readers will love – and create a tantalizing headline.

Where does the content for your post come from? Find out here.

How and where to find the additional ingredients you need for your post.

How to ensure your readers never think "I've seen it all before."

How to get everything in order before you start writing.

Learn how to write an opening for your post that readers won't be able to resist.

Discover the tricks you'll need to master for writing in the real world.

See how to end your post on a high with a closing people will remember.

Learn to consolidate all you've learned to create popular posts and become a better writer.

It’s Yours: A Library of Individualized Recipe Workshops

In the charter version of this program, we did an interactive online workshop every month where we walked students through one of the Recipes, worked with them to write their headline, opening, main points, closing, and every other part of the post.

It was like writing a post LIVE, with students getting immediate feedback as they sat in a classroom together.

Envious? Don’t be.

Now you get to be a fly on the wall and absorb everything -- all 10, 90-minute workshops with Smart Blogger Managing Editor Glen Long and myself critiquing and rewriting full-length versions of each of the Recipes by some of the most talented writers online.

The sheer volume of knowledge and expertise shared during these workshops alone is more than worth the price of the home study program.

And you can have them all to watch over and over.

But that’s not all.

It’s Yours: A Video Library of Two Full Days of Live Workshops

In June 2016 we held an exclusive conference for the charter members of the Writer’s Recipe Box in Austin, Texas. I flew in the entire Smart Blogger team, and we dove deep into some of our most advanced writing techniques.

Ever notice how some writers seem like they are reading your mind?

We held a session on exactly how to do that.

Ever notice how some writers play your emotions like an instrument, making you laugh or cry with nothing but their words?

We held sessions on how to do that too.

The conference was 100% content. We didn’t bring in outside speakers, we didn’t do sales pitches (not our style), and we didn’t waste anyone’s time rambling or telling needless stories.

I delivered quite a few of the sessions myself, and the rest of the Smart Blogger team – who are all immensely talented and lovable – delivered the rest. We focused on practical, results-oriented talks, most of which included exercises, and then we gave volunteers suggestions for improvement. (The volunteers called those suggestions “hot seats.” ;-))

Now, we’re not doing another event like this ever again. It was a one-time thing, and virtually everyone who attended came away with a major insight, breakthrough or epiphany.

The good news for you?

We recorded the whole event. And the recordings -- two-full days worth -- are included with your home study program, so you can watch them as many times as you want.

The bottom line:

Why This Home Study Course Can Make You a Better Writer

When you sign up for a training like this, you don't just want information. That's a part of it, yes, but here's what you really want:

You want your life to improve.

You’re not expecting miracles. You’re not expecting me to wave my magic wand and make you a brilliant writer.

But you’d sure like to see your posts get more traffic.

You’d like to get a nice, cushy writing gig at a big magazine or newspaper.

You’d like to earn the respect of the leaders in your space.

And I’ll be straight up with you…

The Writer's Recipe Box can do all of those things for you, and more, under one condition. 

You commit. You show up. You do the work.

It's really very simple, and it's been the same drill for writers forever.

“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.” Mary Heaton Vorse told this to the young Sinclair Lewis back in 1911, and it’s just as true today.

My students who succeed -- beyond their wildest dreams -- are the ones who sit down and do the work. Because at the end of the day, it’s still a writer alone with their words.

I’m giving you the best writing instruction we’ve ever created, but if you don’t use it, it won’t do you any good.

But here’s the kicker.

If you do, I’ll guarantee your results.

My Guarantee: You Write the Most Popular Posts of Your Life, or You Pay NOTHING

Has any writing teacher ever made you a guarantee like that?

I’m guessing not…

Everyone is willing to take your money to teach you to write, but no one is willing to guarantee your results.

Until now.

I’m so confident this program will help you that I’m willing to make the following guarantee:

If you go through all the material, do all the assignments, and write a post using each of our recipes, I guarantee one of those posts will be at least TWICE as popular as anything you’ve ever published, or I will return every penny you paid.

There are two reasons I’m confident making a guarantee like that:

Firstly, I am a bad ass.

I know, it’s not polite for me to say so, but there’s no time to beat around the bush. You will not find a more respected, accomplished, or talented writing teacher anywhere on the web.

If you’re committed to becoming one of the top writers online, I can help you get there. End of story.

Secondly, the system I’m offering you today is quite possibly the most brilliant thing we’ve ever created. It’s not magic, but it’s close. Closer than anything else I’ve ever seen in the writing space.

Put the two together, and I think my chances are pretty good that no one will ever take me up on the above guarantee. I’m serious… I don’t think a single student who does all the work will fail.

But here’s the thing…

It doesn’t matter.

If I’m right, you produce the most popular writing of your life. If I’m wrong, you get all the training for free.

Either way, you win.

And I'll even take it a step further. 

In addition to guaranteeing your results, I’m even willing to give you 14 days to test everything out.

If you’re not doing a happy dance when you see the training, send us an email within 14 days.

We’re making it more affordable than ever before.