“Jon is a traffic genius. If he teaches what he knows to the public, something tells me the overall level of Internet traffic is about to spike.”

Brian Clark, Founder of Copyblogger and New Rainmaker

Brian Clark

It's sad, really.

Everywhere you look online, somebody is offering you a magic tactic for getting more traffic, but just how many of those tactics work for somebody who’s building a blog from scratch, without a whole bunch of content and links and authority?

Not many. Maybe one or two, but the vast majority are completely useless to beginners.

For example, let’s take search engine optimization (SEO). Over the years, the sites I’ve built have received over 100 million visitors from Google, but do you know how much traffic I got from them in the beginning?

Hardly any. Maybe one or two people a week, and most of them didn’t even stick around.

Don’t get me wrong, SEO is awesome if you have an established site with tons of quality content and links. These days, I get literally millions of visitors from Google, but my sites are bursting at the seams with stellar content, and I’m maybe the top authority in my space.

But when I was getting started? Hell, it was like Google didn’t even know I existed.

And it’s not just them. You can say the same thing about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and every other major traffic source.

Can you get traffic from them?

Sure, but no one tells you how to start from scratch. They give you a bunch of nifty techniques, but they neglect to mention there are dozens of things you have to do before those techniques will work!

It’s frustrating. Everywhere you look, there are bits and pieces of advice, but no one assembles it into a comprehensive blueprint a beginner can follow to get traffic starting from scratch.

Until now.

Introducing the Blog Traffic Blueprint

Blog Traffic Blueprint is the most comprehensive traffic course ever created.

It gives you a walk-through of every traffic strategy in existence. No more jumping from course to course, trying to figure out which approach is right for you. It’s all in one place.

Take a look for yourself:

Altogether, it’s 26 video lessons teaching you everything you need to know to pick your traffic strategy. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Detailed, step-by-step walk-throughs of every blog traffic strategy. I could easily sell these as separate courses, but they are all bundled together for you here, so you have everything you need all in one place. It’s like getting five courses for the price of one!
  • Real world examples showing you exactly how the strategies work. In case you were wondering, this course isn’t just a bunch of vague theory. Throughout each of the modules, I show you countless real world examples. By the time you finish, you won’t have to guess how everything works. You’ll know because you’ll have seen it with your own eyes.
  • Guidance for choosing which traffic strategy is right for you. In each module, I break down exactly where the strategy works well (and where it doesn’t). At the end of the course, I’ll also walk you through how to match your personality type and niche with the right strategy, making sure you’re on the right track.
  • Resources for mastering each of the five strategies. In Blog Traffic Blueprint, we teach you the basics of all five strategies, but what if you want to take it to the next level? Well, for each strategy, we include a collection of resources and recommendations for further study.

And here’s the most important thing you need to know…

Not All of These Strategies Will Work for You

Don’t look at me like that. I’m just being straight with you.

There is no single traffic strategy that works for everyone. Doesn’t exist. If anyone tells you otherwise, run for the hills, because they are either lying to you or so dangerously ignorant they should be gagged before they can harm anyone.

The good news:

I’m not just giving you just one strategy. You’re getting five different traffic strategies, backed up by real-world examples, and I show you exactly where they work and where they don’t.

Odds are, only one of them will work in your specific situation. The other four won’t.

But here’s the thing...

All you need is one. The right one.

Once you find the right strategy, the smartest move you can make is to focus on it and ignore everything else. Stop reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, or buying courses, and FOCUS.

My goal is to help you find that single right strategy and give you the resources you need to master it. We even created a simple little app to guide you. Take a look:

Pretty cool, right?

Of course, you might be thinking…

“I don’t need more traffic strategies. I’m overwhelmed
enough already!”

If that’s the way you feel, you’re certainly not alone. There are a gazillion different options out there, and I think everyone is getting a little sick of the shiny, new “traffic strategy of the month.”

But listen…

Those aren’t strategies. Those are tactics.

You see, a tactic is a specific action you take. A strategy is the overarching plan that helps you accomplish the objective.

In other words, a tactic is a piece of the puzzle. The strategy is a photo of the entire puzzle.

So, SEO, podcasting, Facebook fan pages, building a Twitter following, starting a YouTube channel – none of those are strategies. They are all tactics.

So, what are the strategies?

Well, there are only five.

Here are The Only Five Traffic Strategies That Work for Beginners

  1. The Mafia Method
  2. The Rocky Technique
  3. The Fan Base Formula
  4. The Infiltration Game
  5. The Traffic Shortcut

That’s it. There’s nothing else.

Once you’ve learned those five strategies, there are no other strategies to learn. You have them all.

Are there other tactics?

Sure. There are always new tactics.

But all tactics, both new and old, fall within those five strategies.

The question is… do you want them?

Because if you do, I want you to have them. Right now.

Just one payment of $497


As with any of our products, you’re protected by a money back guarantee.

Purchase today, go through all the materials, evaluate everything for yourself, and if you’re not absolutely delighted with the course, email us within 30 days for a full refund.

You don’t even have to tell us why.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen. When you go through all the videos, I think you’ll be so stunned with the quality and helpfulness of the material that you’ll feel like getting a copy is one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made.