Marketing Automation Specialist

Are you the kind of person who geeks out over a good flowchart?

Do you actually enjoy crunching numbers in Excel spreadsheets?

Maybe you even tinker with HTML and JavaScript now and again, just for fun?

Yes on all three? Well then, we might just want to offer you a job. 🙂

Behind the scenes, Smart Blogger does some incredibly sophisticated marketing. Hundreds of thousands of contacts, millions of emails, a small fortune on the line each and every week.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of it runs on autopilot. Using a suite of automation tools, we’ve built a “machine” that produces seven figures a year in revenue.

And if you’re the right sort of person, we might be interested in hiring you to maintain and refine it for us.  Read on for more details.

Position Summary:

Smart Blogger is hiring a full-time Marketing Automation Specialist to run our promotions, build our funnels, improve our automation, and meticulously track and report the data to the rest of the team. In other words, you’ll be like a project manager for our marketing, keeping everything organized and running efficiently behind the scenes.

In many ways, the position is a hybrid between tech and marketing. On the one hand, you’ll need the same kind of logic and attention to detail a software developer might require. On the other, you’ll need to appreciate the art and science of funnels, conversion, and marketing in general.

The good news is, we don’t expect you to know everything from day one. Having some experience with email marketing or CRM systems is certainly a plus, but we’re mostly looking for the right mindset. The techie side of things especially.

You can also work from home. You will be expected to keep regular hours and stay in touch with the rest of the team, but there’s no commute to the office, dress code, or parking spaces. It’s an entirely remote position.

Note: In addition to the skills and experience described below, you must live in the United States and have a steady, verifiable work history. If you do not live in the US and haven’t recently held a position for at least two years or are unable to provide references for any job held in the last 5 years, please do not apply.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Managing day-to-day marketing tasks, such as running and monitoring weekly marketing promotions
  • Creating new campaigns within Infusionsoft
  • Maintaining and refining existing campaigns, often with a focus on simplifying and streamlining their structure without losing effectiveness
  • Implementing the technical components that support our digital marketing campaigns, e.g., Infusionsoft campaigns, landing pages, automation links, membership software, etc.
  • Devising and tracking metrics to measure the success of our marketing efforts
  • Liaising with the customer support team to ensure they are fully briefed on upcoming promotions

Typical day-to-day tasks you will be required to do:

  • Tagging the right contacts for an upcoming promotion and inserting them into the appropriate automated campaign
  • Checking the status of contacts on a daily basis to make sure they are moving through campaigns without getting “stuck”
  • Planning and maintaining our marketing calendar, ensuring that the proper promotions run each and every week
  • Creating the necessary documentation for customer support to effectively respond to inquiries about the campaign, such as the price of products, links to order forms, etc.
  • Reviewing and responding to help desk tickets our customer support team flags as needing special attention from the marketing team
  • Setting up landing pages using Thrive Content Builder and WordPress, including minor HTML editing, inserting code snippets, etc.
  • Getting different online apps to work together to implement a connected workflow, for example: Infusionsoft CRM, PlusThis, iMember360, payment gateways, etc.
  • Capturing and analyzing key metrics, including product sales, campaign engagement stats, email conversion, etc. and making data-driven recommendations
  • A/B testing of emails and landing pages
  • Setting up and running the technical aspects of webinars
  • Keeping our email list of over 100K subscribers well-segmented and pruned of inactive contacts
  • Identifying and implementing ways to monitor student engagement, satisfaction, and success rates
  • Running large-scale manual and semi-automated product launches
  • Clearly documenting marketing campaigns and core processes

Requirements for the position:

  • Experience with Infusionsoft (Keap) or equivalent full-featured marketing automation system
  • A “techie brain” that can think through the complex logic of our automated campaigns
  • A basic understanding of marketing funnels (i.e., you should understand terms like “opt in page,” “autoresponder,” and “sales letter”)
  • Good planning and organizational skills with a focus on results
  • Effective self-management (i.e., you can stay productive at home with nobody watching you)
  • A keen understanding of spreadsheets and databases, as well as top-notch Excel skills
  • The ability to communicate effectively through text (much of our team communication goes through either Slack or email)
  • Open, proactive and collaborative approach to team working.
  • A conscientious attitude and excellent attention to detail – in other words you understand that sometimes you do need to sweat the small stuff!

Beneficial but not required:

  • Some kind of programming experience
  • Technical skills including configuring and maintaining membership plugins, webinar software, WordPress installations and plugins, external APIs, payment processors, etc.
  • Basic graphic design skills for landing page layouts
  • Basic web page design and coding experience (HTML, CSS, etc.)
  • Basic video editing skills for tweaking the creating and tweaking sales videos

Compensation & Benefits:

Salary: $40,000 to $50,000 per year (based on experience.)

Benefits: Paid Vacation, Sick Time, Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, Flex Time Compensation, Paid Company Holidays, and Workers’ Compensation.

Our Company:

With more than 3 million readers, over 30,000 customers, and millions in revenue, Smart Blogger is the largest trainer of bloggers in the world. We teach online classes related to writing, starting your own online business, content marketing, and blogging in general. We pride ourselves in not only inspiring readers and students, but also giving them actionable advice they can implement and get results.

Our company values:

  1. We believe perfectionism can be a good thing. Not the indulgent kind where you obsess over trivial details, but taking the extra time to get it right when it matters most, of being so good at what you do it leaves people awestruck.
  2. We believe we can be even more productive at home than at an office. Sure, nobody is watching over our shoulders to see if we’re productive, but they don’t have to. We get so much done there’s absolutely no doubt we are staying on task. And yes, pajamas are totally a productivity enhancer.
  3. We believe flexibility is a two-way street. Yes, we have the freedom to adjust our schedule whenever there’s not a meeting, but we’re also available when a teammate runs into a problem or there’s an urgent issue, even when it’s not during our normal hours.
  4. We believe in peace and quiet. No politics, no drama, no needless meetings, no distracting our teammates. Instead, we create a space where everyone can focus, and in that space, we do the deep work that really matters.
  5. We believe in doing what’s right for our customers, even when it’s painful. Sometimes that means offering a refund when it’s against policy, giving them a bit of free coaching, or referring them to another company that can serve them better. It may not be convenient, it may not be profitable, but it’s right, and that’s all that matters.  

How to apply:

The interview process begins with an online application. Click the button below to get started.