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How to Magically Transform Your Boring Blog Using These 3 Types of Videos

How to Magically Transform Your Boring Blog Using These 3 Types of Videos

There it is again.

The nagging thought that surfaces from time to time:

I really ought to use video on my blog.

And usually, you try to ignore it.

Because making video is totally different to writing, right? And surely you can’t be expected to master everything?

But no matter where you look, you find another subtle reminder of the power of video to cast a spell over an audience.

It could crop up in a casual conversation with a fellow blogger. Or in the latest tip from your favorite online guru. Heck, even a family member might bring it up.

It’s like the universe is trying to stop you from missing out on a huge opportunity.

And you get it. You truly do. The magical properties of video are clear.

It’ll make your blog stand out. It’ll help you bond with your readers. It could even bring you more search engine traffic.

So, every time the thought of video crops up, why do you wish you could be like Harry Potter and crawl under your invisibility cloak until it disappears?

How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers

How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers

Note from Glen: As a kid, I remember my mom rubbing antiseptic ointment onto my bloodied knee after a fall. “It hurts!” I sobbed. “That means it’s working,” she said wisely.

Sometimes what’s good for you hurts a little too. And that’s how I feel about this post by Jon.

We’ve gained a ton of new readers since it was first published, which means thousands of new patients for Doctor Morrow. So tell me, are you ready for your medicine?

Can I be painfully honest with you for a moment?

Not thank-God-he-told-me honesty, where somebody points out you have spinach on your teeth. No, I’m talking about the sucker-punch-straight-to-the-face brand of honesty.

It’s brutal. It’s ugly. It’s unexpected.

And I can almost guarantee you will NOT enjoy it.

In fact, I’ve been holding off telling you for years now, hoping somebody would do the dirty work for me. But no one has. So, out of respect to you, I want to tell you the truth.

So here it is.

You know how you’ve been struggling to get traffic? Tried everything, and it’s just not working right?

Well, it’s not because you haven’t found the right traffic strategy. It’s not because you need to change your domain name. It’s not because the Google gods have turned against you and cursed you to wallow in anonymity forever.

It’s because you’re dumb.

And if you ever want a chance in hell of anyone listening to you, you’d better smarten up.

The Obvious Way to Bond with Your Readers That Almost Everyone Ignores

The Obvious Way to Bond with Your Readers That Almost Everyone Ignores

You want to build an audience for your blog.

And not just a casual, passive audience – a mob of fanatical fans.

Fans who click the link to your latest post the second it lands in their inboxes.

Fans who always leave comments and can’t wait to share your work with their followers.

Fans who’ll even drop you an email from time to time to tell you exactly what’s on their minds.

In other words, you want your readers to feel strongly connected to you – the way people feel in real life.

But getting that connection online is tough. No matter how well you write, a blog creates a certain distance between you and your readers.

However hard you try, reading a blog post is not the same as having a conversation with someone face-to-face.

So how do you create this connection you crave?

Fortunately there is a simple answer.

How to Get Interviewed by Popular Blogs (Even If You’re Not a Big Shot)

How to Get Interviewed by Popular Blogs (Even If You’re Not a Big Shot)

Stings, doesn’t it?

Whenever a popular blog quotes an expert in your niche, you feel a little pang of envy.

And you can’t help thinking…

Why not me?

And it’s a good question.

Why did that person get asked for their opinion and not you?

After all, they’re no smarter than you. No more experienced than you. No more interesting than you.

But for some reason they received that call (or email or tweet) instead of you.

Which means they earned yet another mention on a popular blog, while you’re left feeling like a nobody.

And you start to wonder…

Why do the same small set of individuals crop up time and time again online?

Do they all belong to some secret experts club that gives them access to all the best opportunities?

And if so, how do you get to be a member?

Serious Bloggers Only is Live! (Grab Your Free Membership)

Serious Bloggers Only is Live! (Grab Your Free Membership)

Drumroll, please.

Today, we’re announcing a new community built specifically for serious bloggers – people who aren’t just tinkering around with blogging for a hobby, but expect to get actual results from it. Maybe you want to become a full-time writer or get a book deal or land a high-paying client that does everything you say.

Serious Bloggers Only will teach you how. Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting traffic, improving your writing, and even monetizing your blog.

Because I’ll be teaching you.

Over the past five years, the blogs I’ve helped build have generated over 200 million page views and over $50 million in revenue. I’m taking all that experience and condensing it into a series of cheat sheets and checklists that’ll enable you to take the web by storm.

And I’m doing it for a shockingly cheap price. To reach critical mass, we’re giving a free month of membership to the first 1,000 people who join.

Click here to get the details.

The bad news?

Just over the past few days, 413 “early birds” have already snuck inside. There are only 587 spots left, and today, I’m sending this announcement out to over 40,000 people.

So, get in while you can. 🙂

Fair warning: right now, the whole site is still a little plain. We’re in the process of sprucing up the design and adding new content, so you’ll see lots of changes over the next few weeks.

Once we reach critical mass, we’re also thinking about starting a forum, holding some live events, and maybe even doing a post of the week that’ll be featured here on Boost Blog Traffic. Exciting stuff. 🙂

For right now though, you’ll have access to The Six-Figure Roadmap – an 8,000 word report about how to take your blog from zero to six figures. We also have a list of recommended books and an execution checklist outlining everything you need to do. We’ll be adding more over the next few days, but it’s plenty to keep you busy for now.

So, head on over and take a look. We’ll see you inside.