25 Posts That’ll Light a Fire Under Your Ass and Make You a Better Writer

How to Become a Better Writer

“Am I getting better at this?”

It may be the most important question you can ask yourself as a writer.

If  you’ve never thought to ask it before, go ahead and do it now.

And be honest. Are you a better writer than you were three months ago? A year ago? Three years ago?

If the answer’s “No” (or even “Yes, but not by much”) then you face a serious problem.

Because your skill as a writer is key to your success as a blogger.

Sure, skillful writing won’t guarantee your success, but a lack of skill will sure as hell hinder it.

But if your writing isn’t improving fast enough, there’s some good news…

It doesn’t mean you’re a slow learner.

It just means you’re not engineering enough opportunities to improve.

Let’s find out how, shall we?

How to Get Better at Anything (Even If You Think You’re Too Lazy to Learn)

If you’re reading this blog, you likely have intentions to become a better writer.

But how often do your intentions turn into action?

Intentions, unfortunately, are as weak as a lazy summer breeze.  They are too easily overcome by the seemingly urgent demands of everyday life.

The best way to improve at anything is to commit to something that will force you to raise your game.

Want to improve your fitness? Sign up for a marathon.

Want to improve your presentation skills? Tell your boss you want to give a team talk next month.

Want to become a better writer and blogger? Enter a writing competition judged by experts.

The “Serious Bloggers Only” Spring Contest 2015

At the tail end of 2014, we created a writing competition for subscribers to our Serious Bloggers Only membership program.

We received well over 150 entries, and the winners are celebrated in this post.

Those selected were naturally delighted, but win or lose, we heard one comment time and time again from our members – entering the contest was a catalyst for action:

  • Some were inspired to write their first posts and launch their blogs.
  • Others finally wrote posts they’d been procrastinating over for months.
  • Many simply found the courage to put their work in the spotlight (even though it scared the bejesus out of them.)

With people getting results like these from just entering the contest, we’d be crazy not to run it again, right?

So back in March we launched our Best Posts of Spring 2015. This time we had even more entries, and this post celebrates our latest batch of winners.

But if you’re not an entrant or even an SBO member, keep reading. You can still learn much from studying these winning examples. You just need the right framing. As you review these winners, ask yourself:

What specific ideas or techniques could you borrow for your own writer’s toolbox?

What could it mean for your writing to push yourself in the way these writers have?

Keeping those questions in mind, let’s take a look at the winners.

The Contest Results

Category: Best Storytelling

Winner – Will Falconer – Vital Animal & The Natural Path

Paralyzed Cow, Vet Magic in a Blizzard

This true story of a veterinarian attending a sick cow during a blizzard reads like a thriller. It’s beautifully told and rich with detail that transports us for a few minutes into the world of the writer – which is precisely what great stories do.

Runner-up – Kenneth Camp – KennethACamp.com

I Am the Adopted Kid!

This simple story of adoption moved me to tears. The background of the tale is economically but engagingly established but I challenge you not to feel a lump in your throat by the final paragraphs. Sometimes a story doesn’t need a performance, it just needs telling – and that’s what Kenneth does brilliantly here.

Highly commended – Kathleen Tozier – Take Back Your Power to Heal

Turning Pain and Tragedy Into Healing

In this post, a moving account of the death of the writer’s mother is the starting point for a discussion about the lost rituals of grief. The author’s personal story earns her the right to advise us on a difficult topic, and the result is ultimately uplifting.

Category: Most Personality

Winner – John Yeoman – Writers’ Village

How To Find Your Perfect Writing Haven

This short post is packed with humor and attitude. In fact it’s really just a warm-up act before an invitation for the audience to take center stage. And when the host has introduced the topic du jour so entertainingly, you’ll want to join the conversation.

Runner-up – Rozanne Paxman – Life Muses

10 Ways to Make Your Life 100% Better

This post had me at “The headache hovered on the left, top-side of my head like an Oldsmobile with a flat tire.” This kind of evocative writing ensures that by the time we reach the advice that lies at the heart of this post, we feel like it’s wisdom coming from a close friend.

Highly commended – Jess Campbell – Run, Farm Girl! Run!

God Did Not Make This Farmer

In her own words, Jess is a farm girl “and proud of it.” Her enthusiasm for the farming life infuses the writing, and her personality lives in every sentence. She has an agenda – to persuade us of how little we know about farming – but she never preaches or bullies. She’s simply taking us on a journey she’s traveled herself.

Category: Most Fearless

Winner – J.B.W. Tucker – The Writings of J.B.W. Tucker

The Ultimate White Privilege Statistics & Data Post

This writer pulls few punches with a thorough and scholarly treatment of a potentially incendiary topic. Will likely attract a negative response from some quarters, but that hasn’t stopped the writer from clicking “Publish.” Fearless and thought-provoking.

Runner-up – Jodie Milton – Your Primal Essence

8 Warning Signs You’re Headed for Feminine Breakdown

Dealing frankly with the symptoms of “feminine disconnect,” this post will undoubtedly lend comfort to women who were previously unable to name their concerns. Openly discussing a topic few would be brave enough to discuss earns this post its place in our list.

Highly commended – Jacqueline Stone – The Mogul Mom (Guest Post)

On Pain, Remembering and Living Courageously in 2015

Jacqueline’s post opens with a somber story about death and then invites us to contemplate our own mortality. While many posts encourage us to make the most of life, few ask us to embrace our own inevitable passing, and this one is all the more impactful for doing so.

Visit Jacqueline’s blog here: Wise Stress Mastery

Category: Best “Big Idea”

Winner – Martin Edwards – Martin Socially

What Sourdough Baking Can Teach Us About Bootstrapping a Startup

Writing a blog post that hangs on a single metaphor can be tough, but here the idea that entrepreneurship is like baking bread works perfectly. The notion that you should feel the same simple sense of accomplishment about your business as the sight of a newly risen loaf is particularly appealing.

Runner-up – Devishobha Chandramouli – Kidskintha

15 fabulous examples that connect science and stories!

The headline is certainly eye-catching, but even after the “reveal” (that the “F” in question stands for “Fail” not, well, you know…), Rachel holds our attention with creative reasons that make a familiar topic (that failure is ultimately good) feel fresh and surprising.

Category: Most Epic Scope

Winner – Joseph Scherrer – The Leadership Crucible

The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Concepts

Many posts about leadership exist, but few have this ambitious scope. By taking us on a guided tour of every major style of leadership, Joseph not only gives us a 10,000-foot-view view of the topic, but he also demonstrates his own authority in the space.

Runner-up – Mandy O’Neill

67 Captivating Email Topics and Ideas that Convert Readers Into Buyers (or Donors)

This detail-packed guide does for emails what Jon’s Headline Hacks guide does for blog posts. It must have taken a ton of time to create but content this good will pay back the author’s effort many times over.

Highly commended – Hendrik Schuster – skelleton.net

How to Eliminate Spam and Protect Your Name with DMARC

Hendrik understands that even the technically minded need a topic as complex as this to be broken down into clear steps. It’ll be incomprehensible to most readers because of the subject matter, but for its intended audience, it could be a lifesaver.

Category: Most Valuable Post

Winner – Gaye Groover Christmus – Calm. Healthy. Sexy.

7 Ways to Feel More Attractive

I loved the combination of a potentially delicate topic (one’s desire to feel attractive) and highly practical, down-to-earth advice that could make a real difference to its target audience. Gaye uses an honest admission of her own insecurities to bond with an audience who likely feel the same, and then she delivers her valuable advice.

Runner-up – Maat van Uitert – Frugal Chicken

11 Secrets to Save Money on the Homestead

Too many blog posts give advice that simply recycles the accepted wisdom of others. In contrast each of the points in this post feels hard-won from the author’s own experiences, and the post is all the more credible for it.

Highly commended – Wilfried Lehmkuhler – Pick the Brain (Guest Post)

The 10 Best Cities to Live Rich on a Dime (So You Can Bring Your Dreams to Life)

Sometimes a post is valuable because the author has done the hard work for you. This post will be irresistible to anyone thinking of relocating to improve their quality of life because it puts the information they need to pick a destination at their fingertips.

Visit Wilfried’s blog here: Financial Freedom and a Life You Love

Category: Best List Post

Winner – Larisa Lambert Mills – The Writer Editor

48 Reasons to Write the Book You’ve Been Wanting to Write

The secret to a strong list post is to include points that are not just valuable, but also feel fresh and surprising. While I’ve read dozens of posts encouraging the reader to “go write that book,” Larisa’s post will motivate more people to actually do so by giving many new reasons to sit down and write.

Runner-up – Ellie Hodges – An Emergent Life

29 Practical Tips for Getting Out of a Funk

The headline promises practical tips, and Ellie delivers in spades. In fact, the bright and breezy tone alone could snap you out of the doldrums. The categories improve the post’s “scannability” and make it easy for the reader to find the most likely cure for their particular flavor of funk.

Highly commended – Jeffrey Benson – Jeff’s Tips

The 40 Most Effective Social Networking Communities For Driving Unlimited Traffic And Making Money Online

When we think of social media, the same big names come to mind: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. What’s refreshing about this list post is that it introduces us to dozens of lesser-known networks that could still bring valuable traffic and channels that support your goal to monetize your blog. A great idea and a natural candidate for a list post.

Category: Best Execution

Winner – Debashish Das – Medium

Finding The Way Back To Loving What You Do

This relatively short post is a masterclass in writing technique. It opens with a story, expands to a principle, and ends with a lesson. I particularly loved the example of a wedding photographer shifting focus (pun intended) that brought a familiar theme – “do what you love” – to life.

Runner-up – Rob Kornblum – StartupBros (Guest Post)

12 Steps: Starting A Business While Working Full Time

A clear headline. An empathetic opening. Strong points with engaging subheads. I don’t know if Rob was channeling Jon while writing this post, but I can easily imagine Mr. Morrow nodding along in approval. The result is a highly-readable post with great advice for the budding entrepreneur.

Visit Rob’s blog here: StartLaunchGrow

Highly commended – Peter Banerjea – Tiny Buddha (Guest Post)

5 Beliefs About Happiness That Make Us Unhappy

Tiny Buddha has become a hugely popular blog with a simple formula – posts that expand the writer’s personal experiences into lessons for the reader. This one follows that formula but does it so well, and with such tightly-written prose, you can easily see why it garnered 400+ comments.

Visit Peter’s blog here: FreeMind PitStop

Additional Winners

Most Persuasive Post – Tracy Gillet – Raised Good

Cave Babies, Cry It Out and Ruffling Feathers

The topic of sleep training babies provokes strong views among parents. In this post, Tracy makes a persuasive case on one side of the argument by combining research with her own commonsense reasoning.

Best Creative Post – Courtney Urquhart – I Watch Them Grow

Free Printable Frozen Build-A-Snowman Kit Labels

As a blog post, this is short and simple. But the creative idea behind it – creating homemade snowman kits that tap into the Frozen movie phenomenon – was so enchanting that I felt it deserved recognition.

How Can You Create Opportunities to Become a Better Writer?

If you truly want to raise your game as a writer, good intentions aren’t enough.

Why? Because they don’t have a strong track record for producing action.

To actually improve, you must create events in your future that will force you to improve.

In other words, commit to something now that will make inaction uncomfortable.

If you’re a member of Serious Bloggers Only, we’ve made it easy. Simply commit to entering our next contest.

But if you’re not , that’s totally fine. You’ll have to find another way to force your hand.

So announce the date you’ll be starting your new blog.

Or pitch that killer guest post idea to one of your blogging heroes.

Or simply find another writing contest to enter.

However you do it, set things up so that inaction is not an option.

And next time you ask the question “Am I getting better at this?” you’ll have a different answer.

“Yes. I am.”

About the Author: Glen Long is the Managing Editor of Smart Blogger (a.k.a. Chief Content Monkey.) Why not pop over to Twitter and wish him a Happy Birthday? 🙂

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      1. Hello Glen, thanks for sharing. It’s really great to see some of the behind-the-curtain stuff of SBO.

        “Because they (i.e. good intentions) don’t have a strong track record for producing action.” That gives me a kick in the ass like the title of this post promised.

  1. Thrilled to be amongst such great company. Publishing content on a blog is one thing but willingly putting it out there for ‘judgement’ is a whole different ball game and something I think every writer (blogger) should do. Thanks to the BBT team for the great opportunity. You have provided a surge of energy and commitment to getting more of my words out into the world.

  2. Feeling very pleased with myself! 🙂 Thank you so much for including me in this list Glen. I have learned a huge amount in the last year over here as you know! (Pretty sure I still hold the record for the largest number of drafts for a guest post! 🙂 ) – This sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident and you and the whole team here should be very proud of what you are creating.

  3. Congratulations to all the writers that got featured. Well deserved! And big kudos to everyone who entered the contest. That takes guts!

    Since I’m reading Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar’s book – Being Happy – right now I was especially drawn to Peter’s post on happiness. Great job, Peter!

  4. Kathleen Tozier

    Thanks so much to the BBT team for including my post among this talented group of writers. What an uplifting way to come back from vacation! Certainly has me motivated to get back work on to the business launch.

  5. Congrats to all the winners! Actually, congrats to everyone that entered! Like was stated in the post, the people that entered this contest took action.


  6. Hey Glen, I’m tickled pink to be on the list. I was indeed more fearless with this post so lovely to get recognition, thank you. I’ve done a lot of learning with you guys—your guidance in the guest blogging course (and as a non-writer) was incredibly instructive, as are the meticulous posts here on the site. Again thank you.

    (I notice some guest posters have a link to their site—I’d dearly love one too, if possible: wisestressmastery.com)

  7. So honoured to be on the list! Reading some of the other posts – wow, amazing stuff.

    I had a problem when I clicked the share button though – it linked to the wrong article. Check you share settings? Maybe it’s just me… but I tried on different browsers.

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  9. Congrats to the featured writers, they definitely deserve it!

    I love the idea of always challenging ourselves to be better by joining contests or competing with people who are better than us. I see how this works with languages learning. I am currently learning Polish and most people in my group have a better level than me. I noticed I am improving much faster now that I am in this group than when I was with people who had an inferior level.

  10. Congratulations to all winners! Really stoked to be in the company of such brilliant writers!
    All credit to Jon, Marsha, and the BBT team for their invaluable work. And I can not overstate the importance of the interaction among the SBO members as the reason for great writing examples, like these.
    Thank you for sharing with us, Glen.

  11. I’m really thrilled to have been chosen in this contest! Very cool, and made my multiple tune-ups and rewrites all worth it (though I did find myself giggling as I got it better and better with each tweak 😉 )

    Now I have to learn from my peers. Congrats to all!

  12. I am working my way through this list and enjoying it, but I gotta say, the extra time taken to write the blurbs is much appreciated, thank you!

    For instance, when I skimmed over the list on Thursday, I FIRST chose to read about Will Falconer’s “Paralyzed Cow, Vet Magic in a Blizzard” because WHY NOT read a thriller about a sick cow during a blizzard when it’s almost midnight? Sounds almost like Stephen King for crying out loud.

    Congratulations everyone! I didn’t win a mention THIS time, but I’ll be back. In the meantime, I’m off to read some more.

  13. A big congrats to all of the winners here. It’s well deserved.

    I look forward to taking time and reading these posts too. Though I’m new to the SBO community, I can tell how valuable it is to be a part of.

    Great job.

    – Andrew

  14. Hey Glenn,

    I have seen myself improved a lot as a blogger since last year. But you know what? There’s always room for improvement. I like to check out the SBO community!

    Also I like to say congratulations to all of the winners. It does takes some confidence to enter a contest like this and some hard work and dedication to improve!

    Have a good one!

  15. I feel really thrilled to be featured alongside such talented writers! Sooo thrilled. Looking forward to reading all the other wonderful articles…

  16. Hey Glenn
    The list has really the real potential to fire the passion of wannabe writers and bloggers.
    Just writing will never make the person good writer. For that he has to participate in a contest or to drop the guest post proposal to test his skills.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful list and the most awesome part is that its most of the posts are not from blogging or content marketing niche.

  17. Hello Glen, Thanks for your great Article and listing with others articles on this post. Really just amazing great job. To be honest, i am newcomer blogger and that’s why i wanted to improved my Writing skill and maybe i think , i get my Guideline by reading your this article with just listing article . I have already read the first one and that’s was just amazing. Let me read all and comments here . Keep sharing your own knowledge of Blogging.

    Happy Blogging


  18. Amazing stuff, I guess you really do have to be brave enough to write badly and do things the hard way. I love to write, without writing my soul would burn and my brain would turn to coal.

  19. Certainly, I grew as a writer after a long long practice, and still I ma continuously learning.
    The posts here absolutely helped me in learning more, applying more and Gain more.

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